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Islands of Hope Update – 24/02/2018

It has been another busy week. I have been introducing new technology into my lessons at school and am teaching extra sessions on a Saturday for the next three weeks. That means smaller updates I’m afraid. I thought this week’s might only be a hundred words at one point but managed to get down about three hundred and fifty. I am actually really glad with this update, it starts to bring some of the three story threads together. Basically it is Martha finding out about one of Kendra’s secrets, that links to Kira’s Mum’s mission and in turn will link to Kira later on. I hope it starts to build excitement about where the story goes next. I now have to think if I want Chapter 15 to be really short or add in an extra bit that might be a bit too much tell but might make you think a little more. Oh well, for now you can read Chapter 15 on wattpad here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 16/02/2018

Said I would complete Chapter 14 this week and I did! As it was half term I managed almost one thousand words. It is mainly description about the underground base but has allowed me to build in some new technology and make the story feel a bit more sci-fi. I feel we have now moved Kira into a good place and the story can start to kick on. My concern, however, is that I have some good ideas of where the novel can go but, for the first time, have come to a junction where I am unsure of the next direction. I have an idea for the next chapter but really need to do some thinking about the project, I know I said it was pantster but even inside pure pantster writers there is an element of knowing where the story will end! Anyway, the update is now on wattpad, you can read Chapter 14 here or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 10/02/2018

Well I said I would finish Chapter 14 this week, I didn’t. Did manage another five hundred odd words but there is more to go. I blame how busy I am at work! It is half term this week though so I may well be able to add even more words. There is little else to say this week so for now you can head on over to wattpad and read Chapter 14 here, or start from the beginning here. I will finish the chapter by the end of the week!

lslands of Hope Update – 03/02/2018

I had intended to complete Chapter 14 this week but I’ve been busy, very busy. You almost only had a two hundred word update, but a late surge got me a few hundred more. I could be disappointed that I did not write more but hey, at least I have an update. It does mean Chapter 14 will continue next week as well. I could have added in a little more but the, not very exciting, cliff-hanger of what is behind the holographic wall seemed a nice place to stop. I will try to finish this chapter next week but cannot say for certain if I will. Please stick with me, the story is moving forward and being updated each week which is what I planned. Anyway, for now you can read Chapter 14 here or start from the beginning here.