lslands of Hope Update – 03/02/2018

I had intended to complete Chapter 14 this week but I’ve been busy, very busy. You almost only had a two hundred word update, but a late surge got me a few hundred more. I could be disappointed that I did not write more but hey, at least I have an update. It does mean Chapter 14 will continue next week as well. I could have added in a little more but the, not very exciting, cliff-hanger of what is behind the holographic wall seemed a nice place to stop. I will try to finish this chapter next week but cannot say for certain if I will. Please stick with me, the story is moving forward and being updated each week which is what I planned. Anyway, for now you can read Chapter 14 here or start from the beginning here.


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One response to “lslands of Hope Update – 03/02/2018”

  1. AlexisChateauPR says :

    Congrats. That’s more than I wrote for my WIP this week. 😂

    — Alex

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