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Islands of Hope Update – 16/02/2019

I’ve never been editing my update on the same day as I post, but today that has happened. Another crazy week at work and my writing continues to suffer. It’s almost half term and therefore a bit more time to get updates done. This week we have some continuation of the action from last week with Louisa surveying the scene after the blast. Will she get caught like Kira? Can she ready herself before the final guard gets to his feet? You’ll have to click here to find out. Alternatively you can read from the start here.


Islands of Hope Update – 09/02/2019

We have some action! The one thing I have been most worried about in the story so far is the lack of action scenes, I have built up plot and had the odd chase and piece of tension, but no real traditional action scenes. Well, this week an airship has arrived and there is a quick fight between the metal bird and the tank Princips are in. Does that mean that those in the plane type contraption are Kira’s friends? I’m not telling you that yet, but you can hazard a guess. Also, is Louisa the person who notified Princips of Kira’s location? Again you will have to wait to see, but the action shows her true intentions. Good news is that we are heading closer and closer to the final act of the story, so keep a look out for more action scenes in the future. For now you can read Chapter 35 here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 02/02/2019

Things are still busy at work so it is another short update this week. It is clear who Kira thinks is behind the sudden appearance of Princips, but is she right? Well, she’s just been shot with an electric pulse bullet to knock her down, again! That means she won’t be finding out for a while. However, there is a whirring noise in the air, what could that be? Find out next week, hopefully, depending on how much time I get to write. For now you can enjoy another two hundred odd words of Chapter 35, just head over to wattpad by clicking here. Alternatively, you could start from the beginning here. Alternatively alternatively, you could completely ignore the story, but then I would question why you are still reading this blog post. Happy reading!

Island of Hope Update – 26/01/2019

I’ve had a really great week at work this week, incredibly productive. That does mean, however, that my writing has suffered. Maybe it’s because I wrote a big pivotal scene last week that I felt I needed to shift my energy back to my day job. Anyhow, you still get a small update to ‘Islands of Hope.’ This week we start Chapter 35 and, guess what, Kira is getting captured again, this is becoming a bad habit! Will she escape once more? You’ll have to wait till next week to find out. For now you can head over to wattpad to read Chapter 35, just click here. If you want to start from the beginning then click here. See you again next week!

Islands of Hope Update – 19/01/2019

I managed it, not sure how, but I managed it. The scene I had in my head for so long, one of the defining scenes of the book, is now live on wattpad. It complete’s Chapter 34 and reveals whose side Ukrit really is on. I am now thinking I should have put a few more twists and turns in beforehand, explored his character a bit more. Maybe that will come anyway when I edit the story before it goes onto Smashwords. For now, though, you can enjoy a key point in the story. It did not turn out exactly as I planned but I think it still has the same impact (pun intended – you need to read the chapter to get that!) and seems more realistic than what I was going to write. OK, Chapter 34 can be got to here, or you can start from the beginning of the book here.

Islands of Hope Update – 12/01/2019

I had really hoped to finish the next section of the book this week, there is a scene I have been waiting to write for some time. I have, however, been back at work and therefore time is disappearing at an alarming rate! I started the scene, a continuation of Chapter 34, but have not got to the best part. Rather than rush it, I thought it better to wait until next week and have a well written scene. For now you can read the start, where Martha has entered the boardroom and is starting to let rip! Chapter 34 is live on wattpad, get it by going here, alternatively you can start from the beginning of the book here. In other good news, I got a positive comment about ‘Islands of Hope’ and two votes on wattpad. Things are looking up!

Islands of Hope Update – 05/01/2019

Welcome to a new year and the first ‘Islands of Hope’ update of 2019. Is it an exciting one? Probably not, but it does set up for the scene I’ve been waiting to write for some time. I know I have taken on this project as a pantster, but there were still key points in my head. For now you will have to settle for the first part of Chapter 34, back with Martha and her hunt to finally confront Ukrit. You can read the update on wattpad as usual, just click here. If you want to read from the start then head here. Here’s to a good 2019, and hopefully you will enjoy what ‘Islands of Hope’ has in store.