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World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition – FREE this weekend!

So there we go, the qualifiers have ended and now we know who the final 32 teams will be at the next world cup, held in Russia next summer. The successful teams will be…

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    World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition is FREE on Kindle this weekend


  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • Serbia
  • Germany
  • Peru
  • Iceland
  • Nigeria
  • Brazil
  • Switzerland
  • Costa Rica
  • Australia
  • Portugal
  • England
  • Sweden
  • Japan
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • Belgium
  • Mexico
  • Egypt
  • Panama
  • Poland
  • Uruguay
  • Senegal
  • Korea Republic
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia

There are some big guns missing, mainly Italy, USA and the Netherlands, but brilliantly, for me at least, England have made it. As we wait for the World Cup it seems now is a good time to do a promotion, I have not done one for some time. To keep you going while you wait for the World Cup you could read World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition and for this weekend it will be absolutely FREE on Kindle. I would like to do a promotion on the print copy but, unfortunately, that is out of my control (paper costs money you see!). So, you can download World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition from Amazon in the UK here or from Amazon in the US here. It should also be free in all the other countries Amazon operates. The only thing I would really like back is a review, be it good or bad. So here’s to a summer of excellent football and, hopefully, some excellent reading before that!


Islands of Hope Update – 11/11/2017

I’m not sure how I wrote a full chapter this week. It has been back to work for me and I’ve been busy in the nights. I think I have been worried about not getting words down so have been glued to my phone in every free moment. It is a short chapter but starts to build the relationship between Kira and Eliana which, I think, will be vital for later in the story. Remember I am going pantster on this one! I have so many ideas in my head, just need to organise them week by week. Some other great news this week is that one of my beta readers has found time to look at ‘A Close Shave with Destiny’ and is a good way through it. But that’s for another time. For now you can continue to read ‘Islands of Hope’ on wattpad. Chapter 8 is here or you can start at the beginning here. I think that sentence is starting to become my catchphrase!


Islands of Hope Update – 04/11/2017

Normal service is resumed this week, a Saturday update. After my weekend away and being on half term I thought there might be a large update this week but I have started editing ‘A Close Shave With Destiny’ for the last time so I can finally release it. That has taken up some of my time. Anyway, back to ‘Islands of Hope.’ I have finished Chapter 7 and finally we learn the name of the tattooed man. Other than that it is really just more of showing the confusion in Kira and how Princips Ltd have changed the world. I am quite happy as I am starting to feel the world is building quite nicely.

As usual the update is on wattpad, you can read Chapter 7 here or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope – Early Update this week

The latest ‘Islands of Hope’ update is live and it is not even Saturday! Sorry if that has put you out of kilter but I am away this weekend so decided to update early. I have not actually written that much even though I have been off work. I am going to say it is because I am updating two days early. Anyway, Chapter 7 has started and it is all about how Kira is feeling, juxtaposing between how she feels in luxury compared with the fact that she really is not. Maybe that makes it sound a lot deeper than it actually is! As usual you can read the update on Wattpad. Chapter 7 is here or start from the beginning here.

Why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year

I usually weigh up the amount of time I have and the key ideas I have for a story then decide I can complete NaNoWriMo, even if it means neglecting my family. However this year I have decided to be a bit more pragmatic. I will not being taking part in NaNoWriMo, but not due to time available or lack of ideas. I have come to realise that I cannot keep starting new projects and leave myself with a pile of unfinished and unedited work. This year, instead of starting a new novel, I will be passing ‘A Close Shave with Destiny’ through ProWritingAid as my final piece of editing for the novella. That should mean that I can get it realised for Christmas or just after. Unfortunately it will not be beta read as my beta readers all lead busy lives and have not managed to have a look at the book. At least, though, it should be one project I can tick off. I will still be writing ‘Islands of Hope’ so expect weekly updates to continue. All in all then, although I am not competing in NaNoWriMo this year, something good will come out of it.

Island of Hope Update – 21/10/2017

Well this week was a hard one, so very busy! I nearly only had 200 words to upload but I got a bit of free time towards the end of the week and managed to write about 600 more and finish off Chapter 6. Not the most exciting bit but does set up for the next part of the story. I apologise if it is not as well written as previous parts, it was a little rushed. Anyway, you can read Chapter 6 on wattpad here or start from the beginning here. Also, as a teacher I am now on half term so there might be a longer update next week. Wouldn’t count on it though, I do have kids!

Islands of Hope Update – 14/10/2017

Well, I thought this week might have only been a few hundred words due to how busy I have been at work. However, to keep myself going I have been doing some work then having a five-minute writing break then back to work. That means I have managed about a thousand more words and am a good way through Chapter 6. Tiny bit more action this week and you are hopefully starting to get the idea that Kira is going to be more than just a slave. It has all been a lot of her travelling so far! Anyway, I will not mention any spoilers. As usual the update is on wattpad. You can read Chapter 6 here or start from the beginning here.