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Early Islands of Hope Update – 13/12/2018

Some of the eagle-eyed among you will notice that it is not Saturday yet you are getting an ‘Islands of Hope’ update. The reason? We are into the Christmas season and therefore I am away visiting family and the like, I leave tomorrow night (at the time this is published!) so need to update today (Thursday, or the date in the post title if you are reading this weeks from now, now being the time I am posting this, not writing it as it is now Wednesday to me, that is Wednesday 12th December 2018, not some other Wednesday, you get the gist!), my previous early updates have been on a Friday but this time you get a Thursday. Anyway, on to the good news, Chapter 31 is finished (cue cheering sound track – I don’t have one here so you will have to play it in your head or find one on YouTube!). The reason it is done is not due to me finding loads of extra time, but more that my car broke down and I needed to get the train to work, then the train was delayed so I sat on my phone and hammered out the rest of the chapter. In this update Martha finds some interesting evidence about the recent vote, she thinks Ukrit is involved. Is he? We know Kendra is, but how did Ukrit get the evidence from a network that is not connected to Princips? That is a question for later, for now you can head over to wattpad for the completed Chapter 31, just click here. Alternatively start from the beginning here. Sorry for the jokey tone this week, just starting to feel a bit festive, to quote the Coke advert (sorry to the people who actually wrote the song, I mean I could have looked it up but couldn’t be bothered) ‘holidays are coming.’


Islands of Hope Update – 08/12/2018

As the school term winds to an end we have events of every kind going on, which affects the time I have to write massively. So this week I am still plugging away with Chapter 31 of ‘Islands of Hope.’ Martha has managed to get into Ukrit’s tablet but what will she find? I had hoped to give you that information but ran out of time. For the moment you can read Chapter 31 on wattpad here, or start from the beginning here. If you come back next week I may even have completed Chapter 31, don’t hold your breath though!

Karmathaur Review

I510xjaFhKnL do not very often do book reviews, but recently I stumbled across the author Grady P. Brown. Like me his stories focus around science fiction and fantasy (also he writes about superheroes). On his blog was a request to read his novella ‘Karmathaur’ for free in exchange for a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Never one to turn down a free book in a genre I love, and having just finished another book, I jumped at the chance. Here is a slightly longer review of the book, I did get it for free so it is only fair!

Karmathaur is a kaiju story. Kaiju is Japanese for ‘strange beast,’ and is a genre of films about large monsters that often take over cities. The most famous of all these being Godzilla. From the first line to the first echoing roar of Karmathaur itself, it is clear where the inspiration for the story lies. The story starts with a genetic experiment that is almost thwarted by the police, then moves on a few years later to when the genetically modified and radiation filled zygote (a fertilized egg) has hatched into the monster Karmathaur. We follow a set of friends as they find out about the cult behind the creature’s creation while they battle for survival. The story very much plays out like a Hollywood blockbuster, and like a Hollywood movie it is fast paced, action filled but low on character development. Interestingly the characters start to develop but the one problem with the story halts that, the fact that it is so short. It really follows the blockbuster formula that it is about gruesome deaths and high-octane set pieces. Whilst I am happy with this and soon became aware that this was where the book was heading, there is a sense of loss, that by making it potentially twice the length it could make you feel more for the characters. That said, for a book that costs 99p on Kindle you can not go far wrong, and it could easily be made into a film to rival that of Godzilla or Pacific Rim. The writing is a bit stilted at times but it gets its message across, maybe using other words that Karmathaur (i.e. the beast, the monster etc.) would make it flow better. The book played out in my mind like a film, exactly like the blockbuster I deem it is meant to be. In fact, the one thing that sets this story apart from those films is the end, the hint that this beast, created to destroy the world so we can begin again, created to be ‘The Promised Child,’ might just be more than the sum of its parts. The end was indeed a bit of a shock, not so much a twist but a thought-provoking set piece on what we consider to be monsters. Maybe, just maybe, it is us and not them.

If you want to read Karmathaur you can get it on Kindle in the UK here, or US here. For more information about Grady P. Brown, checking out his blog here.

Islands of Hope Update- 01/12/2018

Can you believe it is December already? Time to get Christmassy! Before all that there are some ‘Islands of Hope’ updates to worry about. I had hoped to complete Chapter 31 this week, but in my job Christmas means loads of extras. I did manage a bigger update than the last few weeks though, about four hundred and fifty words. Martha has made it into Ukrit’s office, but he’s not there. What can she do while she waits? You’ll have to read to find out. You can read Chapter 31 on wattpad by going here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 23/11/2018

Between parent’s evenings, badminton matches and parties it has been a very busy week. I feel I have barely spent any time at home and as such have done very little writing. It is another very short update to Islands of Hope therefore, about one hundred and fifty words again. I did say my only plan was to update it every week so I have at least managed that. This update sees Martha heading to Ukrit to confront him as she thinks he is lying. You can read Chapter 31 on wattpad by clicking here, or start from the beginning here. I would like to guarantee a larger update next week but I am afraid I cannot.

New Poem: Cancelled

No, the new poem has not be cancelled, it’s called ‘Cancelled.’ This is a bit of an extra for you. I was on a training course the other day and rushing back to get my train home on time. When I got to the station (in time I might add!) the train had been cancelled, I wasn’t best pleased, especially as I had over an hours wait till the next train. But then, from bad things good things appear, or rather mediocre things, OK bad things, but from bad things other bad things appear did not sound as good. Anyway, this poem popped into my head. I wasn’t going to write it but the first verse kept playing over and over. I think it works quite well. I was desperately searching for something to rhyme with something train related in the last verse, I came to carriage and marriage and that gave the whole poem a slightly sadder feel so I went with it. The rest of the poem is from experience, but I have been married for many years and we did not wait over an hour for a train on our wedding day, so the last bit is artistic licence. Anyway, you can read ‘Cancelled’ in my poetry collection on wattpad, entitled ‘Bad Poetry You probably never want to read,’ by clicking here, or as you are already on the blog post you may as well just read it below…



Hurry hurry

Check the clock

Keep on running

Just can’t stop


Time is ticking

Double fast

Keep up the pace

It has to last


There’s the building

Right in sight

I will get there

Using all my might


Quickly looking

Find the screen

Which platform?

Have you seen?


Do we go

North or South?

To Edinburgh

Or Bournemouth


I think I have it

Yes I do

That one there

Six thirty two


The noise has stopped

Why the hush?

Our train’s been cancelled

Why did we rush?


So here we sit

With overpriced food

And a cup of tea

That’s over brewed


It’s not the way

To start a marriage

Waiting an hour

For a packed carriage

Islands of Hope Update – 17/11/2018

Wow! That was a really busy week, extra stuff at work and on a training course. It all means I have barely been online to interact with any of you good souls. It also means that I have done very little writing (although there is a bonus poem coming that I wrote as I was stuck waiting for a train). So the ‘Islands of Hope’ update this week is a mere one hundred and fifty odd words. Sorry about that. I could have written a little more but have offered to write an article for another site so focused on that in my free time. For the moment you can read the start of Chapter 31, about Martha checking out the story Ukrit told her, by going here, or start from the beginning here.