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Islands of Hope Update – 27/01/2018

This week we return to Kira and she finally meets up with Du Puteron. It is not a happy occasion and Kira is very sceptical. I am not sure the dialogue is as good as it could be but it does the job. I am more impressed that I wrote as much as I did this week, it does feel like I’ve barely been at home! Chapter 14 will continue next week with a look at the underground training areas, for now you can read the start of Chapter 14 on wattpad here, or start from the beginning here.


New Poem: Polishing a sheep is a so hard job

With editing ‘A Close Shave with Destiny’ and writing my serial novel ‘Islands of Hope,’ I have had very little time to do other writing. I wrote a lot of poetry at the start of last year but have not for a while. Partly due to other projects and partly due to looking for a topic. I have actually wanted to write another for a few months. The other day the opportunity arose! The wife and I we were singing songs to our 1-year-old girl, when we stopped we noticed our 4-year-old, who was playing with some trains, was singing the songs but with different words. The last line of his song was, ‘polishing a sheep is a so hard job.’ We laughed and then an idea for a poem jumped into my head. It is about a farmer who does strange things to animals to get them ready for a show. I was going to write it as ‘ Polishing a sheep is a very hard job’ but felt what my son said, whilst grammatically incorrect, sounded better. I tried rhyming but it felt forced, when I went without I felt I could write it like a conversation, or rather one person talking at another. I think it is best to read in a stereotypical British West Country accent because that is how I wrote it, partly due to the grammar errors in the title. You can read it below or go to my poetry collection ‘Bad Poetry You probably never want to read’ on wattpad. Oh yeah, if it is not clear, don’t try any of this at home!


Polishing a sheep is a so hard job

Polishing a sheep is a so hard job

They runs away when they see you

And you just gets one then they hear

That psst psst spraying and they’re gone

When the polish is on you gots to rub it in

But it mats up all the fur real bad

You gets a comb and pull and pull

Then you can get that real good shine

And it’s all worth the work you puts in

If all gets too much then remember this

They’ve got to be ready for the show


Ironing a chicken is a so hard job

They don’t like the heat you see

So yous has to iron from a distance

And that don’t always make them feathers flat

But get in too close and push too hard

Then the feathers burn and go black

Now no-one ever wants that

Especially not the chicken herselves

So though yous got to hold tight

You need to caress her and keep her calm cause

She’s got to be ready for the show


Hoovering a cow is a so hard job

You sees they gets lots of crumbs on em’

Not like biscuit or cakes but more likes mud

Now these ones are easier to catch

And if yous skilled you get on their backs

But they has lots a crannies about

The worst bit by far is the udders you see

When yous got that little hose they pop in

Then you pull it off and another is in

When milk comes out the hoover don’t like that but

She’s got to be ready for the show


But the hardest job is mopping a duck

You might say, why mop a duck who live in pond?

Well, pond water is the wrong type o’ water

And you can’t put cleaner in them ponds

Or else it makes duck sick you see

So I have to stretch over with mop in hand

But it just slips off his downy feathers

And off he swims, quacking out laughter

Once I fell in and thought why do I bother

But you know why I keep going? Cause

He’s got to be ready for the show


And when the show comes

They won’t laugh at what I do

First in show, four times through

And the prize is just a bonus

For the pride I feel in my heart

I polished the sheep

I ironed the chicken

I hoovered the cow

And I mopped the duck

All so they were ready for the show

Now, where’s that goat? He ain’t gonna descale himself

Islands of Hope Update – 20/01/2018

Well here we are again, another Saturday, another ‘Islands of Hope’ update. You know I think I use that phrase a lot as well as the one that will inevitably be at the end of this post. This week I have, somehow, managed to finish off Chapter 13. It has been a great week to show that you can be snowed under with work, and whilst working really hard still achieving a decent amount of writing. I am finding that when I have strong ideas about the story the words just seem to flow. Anyhow, this week sees the completion of Ukrit and Martha’s meeting and sees her join the flock of dissenters in Princips Ltd. Back to the main character of Kira next, but for now you can enjoy Chapter 13 here or start from the beginning here. Hope you are enjoying the story so far, feel free to leave me any comments about it.

Islands of Hope Update – 13/01/2018

Here we are again, back to normal with the latest ‘Islands of Hope’ update being on a Saturday. Managed to get around 700 words down this week as could write on my phone whilst I was away. Back to work meant I did not manage any more than that and only got part way through Chapter 13. This update is Martha and Ukrit’s meeting at Joshua’s, which if you did not guess already is a bar. I have some exciting plans for the two, well I have exciting plans for one of them, but which one? You’ll have to keep reading the updates. There has been another change to the book this week, original it was set in 2145 but I felt for the history of the world to be wiped by an evil corporation they would need more time so I gave them an extra hundred years, the book is now set in 2245. Right, let’s finish with the usual line, you can read Chapter 13 here or start from the beginning here.

Early Islands of Hope Update – 04/01/18

It’s my first post of 2018 and, surprise surprise, it is an ‘Islands of Hope’ update. The surprise is that it is a Thursday rather than Saturday update. Don’t worry I haven’t gone mad, I am just away this weekend so will not be able to update on Saturday. It’s the last trip to visit family before the end of the festivities. Back to work next week but I still intend to update weekly.

Right, on to this week’s update. It’s one I really enjoyed writing and flew out of my fingers. Two days shorter between updates but still managed nearly a thousand words. I completed the whole of Chapter 12, and it is a part of the story I did not envisage at the start. Working in pantster mode week by week can bring some great developments. In Chapter 12 we meet Kira’s Mum in search of information about her daughter’s whereabouts. She goes to a local gang for help, which it turns out she has history with. Writing someone like the gang leader, Solomon, is always a joy. Throw your morals out the window and remember this is not the real world and you can be as nasty as you want. He is the sort of character I would detest in real life but love in a book. All in all I am really happy with this update and it gives some good backstory to flesh out characters. As usual you can read it on wattpad, Chapter 12 is here or you can start from the beginning here.