So I appeared on a podcast!

Here is some exciting news….I am on a podcast! About a month ago I recorded an episode of The Merry Writer Podcast with hosts Ari Meghlen and Rachel Poli. To say I was very excited is an understatement. I am now even more excited to tell you that the episode is live! The topic for the episode is the benefits of using wattpad. I was invited to talk about the platform as I am a writer who has used wattpad for quite some time. I was amazed at how much I know about it and it was nice to reflect on the way wattpad has helped me. Anyway, you can get the episode on all your favourite podcast platforms by using one of the links below…

Alternatively you can listen to it on YouTube…

I hope you enjoy it and that you get lots of tips and information (or at least feel better about yourself when you realise you are better at writing than me!). If you have not listened to any other The Merry Writer Podcast episodes, what are you doing wasting your time here? Download them all and listen now!

New Vlog: Dirty pants on the floor

As expected, I have recorded a vlog of me reading my latest poem, ‘Dirty pants on the floor.’ You can watch the video below, or head over to my YouTube channel to get more of my videos. These include other poems, some flash fiction and short stories, and preview sections of my books. So, without further ado, here is the video…

New Poem: Dirty pants on the floor

School has finished for summer, so now I can get some of my writing projects going again. I am slowly getting through editing my children’s chapter book, hopefully there will be more news soon. However, I stopped for a few nights as a poem idea came to me. I was talking to a friend about movies and mentioned the old trope where a man and woman can’t keep their hands off each other. They rush back to one of their houses or a hotel room, ripping clothes off each other and throwing them on the floor. The films don’t show much, cutting to clothes strewn across the floor and the lovers in bed cuddling. I though to myself in that moment, I used to want that to be me, but now the only clothes I pick up off the floor are my children’s dirty underwear. This must be a problem most adults with small children have, so I decided to write a poem about it. You can read the poem below, or check it out along with other bad poetry I have written in my collection ‘Bad Poetry you probably never want to to read,’ available on wattpad. Hope you enjoy…

Dirty pants on the floor

When I was younger

I wanted to be like those lovers in the movies

Who had just entered a house

They embraced each other quickly

Kissing, touching, feeling

The man pushed the girl against the door

Feeling her legs

The woman ripped off the man’s shirt

Throwing it to the ground

The scene cut

Both lying in bed, after the throws of passion

Clothes strewn like debris across the floor

Reminding them of the fun they had the night before


But the reality is, I wake up

After a night of exhausted sleep

To find clothes strewn like debris across the floor

But these are not from passion

These are not from young lustful love

I don’t remember the fun we had the night before

No, these belong to different people

My son, my daughter

Unable to walk a few metres

To find the wash basket

I get up and gather them up

For nowadays, I am simply

A collector of dirty pants on the floor

Where have I been? The ‘where I am at’ Summer 2021 edition

Those of you who regularly read this blog may have noticed that there has been a distinct lack of updates recently. It is as if I finished the first draft of my serial novel then hid under a rock. I am glad to say that I have not indeed disappeared, but that I have been ridiculously busy due to taking on a new role at work. A role that will see me ‘snowed under’ towards to end of each summer school term. It means that from now on, around the end of May through to the start of July each year I may be a lot less active. The fact that we have had Euro 2020 (in 2021!) and it has been so hot recently in the UK, has not helped my productivity outside of work. But now it is the summer holidays, I am finding a little time to get some writing related things done. So, yeah, I am still around, and at this point I usually do a ‘where I am at’ post, so this one might as well be that! Here is what I am working on (or rather should be)…

Islands of Hope

My serial novel is now resting in its bed on wattpad. I am not touching the first draft (well I say first draft, I did edit as I went along) for a while whilst I pick up other projects that have sat to the side. That is not to say that you cannot read it, vote for it, or comment on it. Any support or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Particularly as I already have ideas for a sequel which may, or may not, get written. You can click here to have a read.

Bad Poetry You probably never want to read

Someone recently told me that they liked my poetry, and that I read it very well on my YouTube channel. I am sure they were just being nice, but at least that is some positive feedback! I have managed to write two poems so far this year and still have lots of ideas in my head. I hope to keep updating my poetry throughout the year, but they really are written sporadically. I do have an idea for a quick poem and am about half way through a poem I started a month ago but have not had time to finish. So watch this space! Like Islands of Hope, you can get to my poetry collection on wattpad, just click here.

The First Flash of Hope

A long time ago, I decided to write twenty sci-fi flash fiction stories. This was another one of those side projects I put on wattpad whilst I worked on my main projects. With my serial novel, poetry and editing of other projects, it got left by the wayside. This year I resurrected it; well it wasn’t dead, but I wrote another flash fiction story. Will there be another one this year, who knows? But it is fresher in my mind, and I will update it again at some point. Like the other books, you can read it for free so far on wattpad, just click here.

A Close Shave with Destiny

Erm, yeah, so! OK, I have not been reediting it! The comedy fantasy novella set in a moustache is still sitting there. I have a paper copy back from a beta reader with comments on it, but no changes made to the manuscript, and thus the second edition is still not available. The good news is that I got frustrated one night and spent a couple of hours designing a new cover, finishing it off the night after. It looks a lot more professional, but I am not showing you yet as it will be released when the second edition comes out (when I reedit and update the files on Amazon!). I have had a review of the book on Goodreads and it got 4 stars. So why not buy a copy of the first edition, hey, I’ll even give you one for free in return for an honest review! If you do want to buy it you can get it from…

Kindle UK Store e-book version

Kindle US Store e-book version

Amazon UK Store print version

Amazon US Store print version

Children’s Chapter Book

I keep mentioning that I am working on a children’s chapter book. I think I have already stated what it is about somewhere, even though I am trying to keep that under wraps till I start the marketing bit. Anyhow, it has been through developmental edits and proofreading. I am currently doing a final edit on a printed version before sending it to some beta readers. If you would like to beta read the book then feel free to let me know, I don’t mind sending you an electronic copy. Oooohhhh, I’m all with the freebees today!


I have had a major development in my YouTube channel this year. I have worked out how to do splash screens, or thumbnails, or whatever they are called. I think my videos are now looking a little bit more professional. They are not amazingly recorded as I am not that great with video technology, but they at least look like I have tried. If you want to listen to any sample chapters or me reading poetry, they head over to my channel by clicking here. I am even considering creating a book trailer for A Close Shave with Destiny, although I am not sure it will be great. I have these ideas of grandeur and nothing ever turns out as good as I hope!


I did something amazing the other day. I recorded my first podcast. No, don’t worry, I haven’t got my own podcast, I was a guest on a writing podcast. Bet you can’t guess which one! The episode with me on comes out in September and I am really excited about it, even though I am sure I pretty much waffled throughout the whole thing. More details to come as we get closer to the launch date.

Other stuff

Right, rather than making this post massive, I will just quickly comment on my other projects. No I have not finished reediting World Cup Dreams, no I have not started editing The Fifth Coin and no I haven’t done any more of my sci-fi role playing game. I really am trying to keep to one or two projects at a time. So many ideas, so little time.

OK, I think that is it. Thank you for reading this waffle, and hopefully you now know that I have not disappeared off the planet, but don’t expect lots of blog posts from me. Life is just too hectic at the moment!

New Vlog: The New World

I released my latest flash fiction about two weeks ago, but have been so busy (and a little bit ill) that I have not had time to record myself reading it. But wonder of wonder, I had a day to myself, so the first thing I did was record the vlog. If you don’t know about my book ‘The First Flash of Hope,’ I am going to, sporadically, write twenty sci-fi based flash fiction stories. ‘The New World’ is the forth story so far, and comes about four years after I wrote the last one. A long time I know, but I was working on the serial novel ‘Islands of Hope.’ So if you want to read any of my other sci-fi flash fiction stories, head to wattpad by clicking here. Alternatively, you could enjoy my vlog first…

New Flash Fiction: The New World

Before I embarked on my serial novel ‘Islands of Hope,’ I had a few other projects on the side which I was slowly updating. One of these was the book ‘The First Flash of Hope.’ The plan was to release twenty flash fiction stories with a sci-fi theme. I sporadically wrote them, much like my poetry but a lot less often. Whilst my poetry continued as I wrote ‘Islands of Hope,’ my flash fiction stopped. Now my serial novel first draft is finished, I thought I might write another flash fiction story. The fact that I have a lot of projects at editing stage helped. Anything other than editing is good for me! I have, therefore, written ‘The New World,’ my fourth flash fiction story in ‘The First Flash of Hope.’ It is about some explorers looking for a habitable planet, and what happens when they find one. I hope you enjoy it. I am not sure when I will write another flash fiction story for the collection, but for now you can read ‘The New World’ on wattpad by going here. You could vote for it and leave a comment if you wanted to as well!

New Vlog: Just a bit off

As per usual, I have recorded a new vlog about the latest poem I have written. This one is ‘Just a bit off’ which is a poem about being ill with a cold but not having it so bad you can stop and curl up in bed. I hope it resonates with a lot of you. As usual, if you want to read this, and other of my poems, you can get them in my collection on wattpad entitled ‘Bad Poetry You probably never want to read.’ For now though, you can enjoy the video…

New Poem: Just a bit off

Now the first draft of ‘Islands of Hope’ is finished, I have envisaged doing different projects. Most of them editing previously completed novels. However, I got bitten around ten times on my legs a few weeks ago by pesky flies. Since then I have been feeling itchy all over my body at random points. I don’t feel terrible, just a bit off. Whilst doing the washing up the other day, and trying not to stop and scratch, I thought about other times I have felt a bit ill, usually with a cold, but not been bad enough to be off work or stuck in bed all day. Then parts of a poem came to me and ‘Just a bit off’ was born. I based it around having a cold rather than my current itchy situation as I thought that would resonate with more people. So, here is my poem. As usual, you can read it below, or head to my poetry collection on wattpad entitled ‘Bad Poetry You probably never want to read.’ Enjoy…

Just a bit off

I feel a bit off

Just not quite right

My throat’s a bit sore

And chest’s a bit tight

My skins feels funny

But not really bad

Not enough to miss work

So I’m feeling quite sad

I’ve got a stuffy nose

My head has an ache

I’ve got work to do

But I can’t concentrate

My ears have a ring

My eyes are all sore

This little cold

Is becoming a bore

I feel quite drowsy

I worry to drive

But I know I’m alright

And I will survive

I’m not holding my breath

I’m trying not to cough

Don’t ask me to talk

As my voice sounds all gruff

My nose is now sore

From all of the blowing

My body can’t decide

If it’s coming or going

I’ve taken some aspirin

Drank warm milk and honey

My headache is going

But my nose is still runny

I know it’s not an excuse

To shirk the house chores

But whenever I move

I feel like I’ve been in the wars

I’m not going to die

I just a fell a bit rough

You just need some sympathy

When your just a bit off

New Vlog: Islands of Hope is Finished!

Sorry, but you are going to get quite a few post like this in the next few weeks. Ones that remind you that I finished (the first draft at least) ‘Islands of Hope,’ my serial novel that took almost four years to write. It is available on wattpad if you want to read it, you can do that by clicking here. Anyway, my latest vlog is me showing my excitement for completing it, and letting you know that it will rest for a while then I will re-edit for release on Smashwords, hope you enjoy my waffling!

Islands of Hope Update – 03/04/2021

Yes, Yes, YES! I’ve done it, I have finished ‘Islands of Hope’ at last. Well, I say finished, I mean this is the last update on wattpad. I will now let the novel rest for a while then I will re-edit it, in preperation for it going on to Smashwords. Yes I have edited as I have gone, but I need an overall edit to make sure the structure is OK and that I have not missed any typos or badly written scenes. Also, I need to look to see if there are any plot holes. If you spot any of these then please let me know. So, onto this week’s final update as a serial novel. We are at Johanna’s final task. What is it? Nope, not going to give it away! You’ll just have to read the update. You can get to it by going here, or if you have not ready any yet, where have you been for the last three and a half years?! I mean, you can start from the beginning here.