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Islands of Hope Update – 30/03/2019

Not as big an update as I would have liked this week, it’s been my last week of term at school so very crazy. The good news is that I think I wrote my favourite line of the novel so far. This week we find out that the boat was from Princips, as if you didn’t know! The group that entered the island confront Du Puteron and this exchange happens…

“I suppose you know why we are here,” came a gruff male voice, denoting someone in their mid-forties.

“Is it for the ice cream?” Du Puteron did not try to hide the grin, “the ice cream is very good.”

Just shows Du Puteron’s comic side and it makes me smile, even if I did write it! You will have to wait till next week to find out what Princips have planned for him though. You can read those lines, along with a few others, in this week’s update by going here, or you can start from the beginning here.


Islands of Hope Update – 23/03/2019

This week the story starts a new chapter, no, not philosophically, literally a new chapter. We are back with Du Puteron who has stayed behind on Guernsey. But there is a boat approaching, who could be on it? Du Puteron does not think it is anyone good, but he is still going to finish his ice cream. You’ll have to wait till next week to see who is on the boat, but for now you can read this week’s short update on wattpad. Chapter 36 is here, or you can start from the beginning here.

‘Islands of Hope’ aesthetics

I have been taking part in a game called The Merry Writer for a few months on twitter. It is run by Ari Meghlen and Rachel Poli (click their names for links to their websites) and is where they ask a writing related question every day. You can reply by tweet and are therefore connecting with other writers. One task that comes up every now and then is to provide aesthetics for your WIP (work in progress). I am not the sort of person who creates aesthetics, in fact before I entered the game I did not know what they were, although I have images in my head. Therefore, to take part, I had to find some images and pop them together using my image editing skills. After creating a few I thought I would write a blog post to share them with even more people and hopefully get people excited about the serial novel I am working on. So here goes, these are the three aesthetics I have created for ‘Islands of Hope’…

Two Cities

islands aesthetic

These images show the difference between the two worlds that the novel starts in. On the left we have the idea of the technology rich mega city where the wealthy live, safe in their walls and happy with their lives. On the right we have an example of a slum, the poor scrabble to make a living, just hoping to survive. Crime and corruption are rife here. Kira, the main protagonist, starts in a slum but is taken to a mega city when she steals a loaf of bread. She is sold into slavery, but her owner is not the slaver she thinks he is. This is where her adventure begins.



Kendra is the managing director of Princips Ltd., the company that has a monopoly on the world and therefore runs it. She runs the company with an iron fist, and has a few skeletons in the closet. Not that anyone would find them as she does not let anyone get close to her. Cross her at your peril. When a group of Princips’ employees, trying to protect the slums and make life better, find some dirt on her they think they can bring her down. But then again, life isn’t that easy.

Future Technology


As the story is set a few hundred years in the future, new technology is part of the world. As Princips have taken time to take over the world, technological advancements are not as great as we would have hoped, however they are around. One example in the image above shows an airship, there should be rotatable propellers to thrust it up and forwards but I could not find an image with that on. Also, virtual reality is a big thing in terms of training people. The image of the soldiers shows what the guards in the mega cities are like, although they have guns with rotatable barrels for different types of ammunition. The most important breakthrough is the holographic watch, a fully powered computer where the screen can project out of the watch.


If you have not read the novel so far I hope these aesthetics excite you. You can start reading the book on wattpad by clicking here. It is updated every Saturday. If you are reading it already then please drop me a comment about how you think it is going. Any feedback, positive or negative, is appreciated.


Photo sources: all photos are from either pixabay or pexels and are copyright free and available for commercial use.

Islands of Hope Update – 16/03/2019

Some weeks inspiration hits, this week was one of those. Over 700 words written and edited, the story now over 50,000 words so can be considered as a novel! Even better, Chapter 35 is complete. Feels good, well you’ve got to toast the small successes. This week’s update sees Kira wake up in the airship and she’s not too happy that Louisa is on the flight. Will she throw her off, bide her time or try to get the others to turn against her rescuer? You’ll just have to head over to wattpad and read Chapter 35 to find out, you can get it here. If you are not up to date then you can start the book by going here. Hope you enjoy.

Islands of Hope Update – 09/03/2019

So close, so close to a full novel this week, well if you believe NaNoWriMo that is. That competition says 50,000 words is a novel and, according to my document, ‘Islands of Hope’ is currently at 49,987 words. I think I might just get there! As for this week’s update, I was hoping to complete Chapter 35, however I changed a few ideas around so am going to add in another section. Therefore the 450 odd words this week gets us pretty much into the airship. There is more tension between the two love birds, but at least Louisa and Eliana are starting to make friends. I think Kira waking up might start to shatter that though! You can read Chapter 35 on wattpad by going here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 02/03/2019

As I said, it has been half term this week so I will get lots of writing done. Err….well…no….actually not. I have had an amazing time with my family visiting various attractions in the sunshine. In the evenings I have been playing badminton and generally catching up on sleep! I have done some writing tasks; I did a blog post about re-editing published work (which you can read here), did some editing and started writing a new poem. That meant I did not do much ‘Islands of Hope.’ In fact I wrote most of this week’s meagre 350 word update yesterday, and then editing it straight away. It does ask a moral question of whether we should kill in cold blood. Obviously we should not kill at all, but in a novel real life scenarios and dilemmas go out of the window for some heightened tension. There is also a bit of a domestic between Eliana and Luka, not much of one but the hint of one at least.

I will try to complete Chapter 35 next week, but for now you can read it so far by heading over to wattpad, just click here. You can start from the beginning of book here.