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I tend to write for young adults or books that are aimed at adults but are accessible by teenagers. Below is information about books I have published, be these fully fledge novels, shorter novellas or collections of prose…

World Cup Dreams

World-Cup-Dreams-CoverWorld Cup Dreams was a challenge I set myself during the FIFA World Cup of Brazil in 2014. I wanted to force myself to write regularly as I was slipping due to other commitments. I decided to bring together my love of writing and football and thus challenged myself to write a short story or poem of between 300 and 500 words every day of the World Cup. Each story was released on Wattpad that day so the collection of short stories built during the tournament. The challenge was successfully completed and a couple of weeks after the World Cup the e-book version was released on Smashwords, it does not only contain all thirty-two short stories but has details of results for each day of the World Cup as well as a foreword explaining the challenge. The stories within World Cup Dreams look at football from many different perspectives such as fans who love the game, those that hate it, managers, players and referees. I wanted it to be a fun and insightful look at football from the angle of a fan, albeit it a fan who is trying to understand the beautiful game from other people’s points of view. I hope I have achieved this.

When I finished I found that I had six titles for short stories that I had not written due to the number of days in the World Cup. As I wanted to release a book using CreateSpace so I could also target readers who read print material I decided to release World Cup Dreams in print as well. However, knowing the e-book is free but printed copies cost money I did not want to abuse those readers who do not use ebooks and thus a second edition of World Cup Dreams was released a few weeks later. This version is only available from Amazon for a small cost and contains the six extra stories that did not fit into the original collection. This version is entitled World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition. It was original to be print excluive but one click of a button meant I could get it on Kindle so it can be bought for a bit cheaper there.

You can download the Standard Edition for FREE here…




Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Or buy the Extra Time Edition here…

Kindle UK Store e-book version

Kindle US Store e-book version

Amazon UK Store print version

Amazon US Store print version


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