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When does this quick tech actually fit into our daily lives?

Just a quick post to apologise to anyone who follows me and actually wants to read what I write about…right no-one…anyway I will carry on.

Really just saying that life (and in particular work) is getting on top of me. I have post titles ready about the film triangle, my wonderful honeymoon safari and my views on the old Disney Star Wars debate amoungst others (I want to do something on the Wii U when I get it at the end of the month as well), yet don’t have time to write them. I though all this technology like blogs, wikis, twitter, facebook, youtube etc. was supposed to be quick easy access and save you time. It’s hard to save time when there is no time available to be saved. Just imagine our favourite movies like that, Nemo is lost but his father can’t make it as he has to complete that data analysis spreadsheet for the morning, or the Empire are about to take over the galaxy but the Jedi Council have a 2pm deadline on that report detailing the waste systems on Coruscant that reduce emissions by 20%, or the dark lord Sauron is searching for the One Ring to rule them all but Frodo and Gandalf have to do a presentation about marketing strategies to the elves at Rivendell regarding how they can increase income from the Shire. It wouldn’t happen in films so why does it have to happen in real life!

Safe to say that I’m busy so will blog when I can. Which seems at the moment like never! That saying I hope to get another blog up tonight about a short story I have written for National Short Story Week 2012, it’s a cracker if you like lizards who are turned into superheros and fire laser beams out of their eyes! Actually that’s just made it about 74% more exciting than it actually is.

Right, I’m going back to do some work now!



I have been thinking recently, why is it when we stop we get ill, confused and generally demotivated? As a teacher I only really get to break during school holidays and then really only during the summer. Life in education is hard at the moment so why, when I get a break do I have to feel like a large smelly turd? Towards the end of the holidays I could barely move myself off the couch even though I knew that getting some work sorted would make the first few weeks of a new term a whole lot easier. As if by magic, as soon as I got back to school I refocused and am working harder than ever. How come just a few hours before heading back I couldn’t even think straight? Surely it would make us relax more if when we stopped we had clarity and could realise where we were and what needed to be done i.e. sit back and relax? Why do we have the ability to stave off illness until the point when we really don’t want to be ill? It seems to me that we torture ourselves to stay well doing when things we don’t really want to do and when we get where we want we allow illness to take us over. It’s just  such a strange human condition. I tell you, if there is an all-powerful creator, he has some things to answer too. If only this was a computer game and we could level up, or maybe we could get an upgrade!

So I Started a Blog

I’ve always wanted a blog….actually I’ve had one before….in fact I’ve had two! However this is a new attempt to put my life into perspective. My thoughts, ideas, understandings and general feels that nobody but me will really care about. Basically, like much of my life, it’s pretty self indulgent and done simply because I can with no forethought as to whether anyone will read it or in fact the words are spelt correctly!