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World Cup Dreams (Days 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Just a quick post to say that World Cup Dreams is still going strong and because of that I am still yet to edit I can hear your pain. It will happen, but now it will not be till after the World Cup. If you have not read any of World Cup Dreams so far then feel free to catch up by going to Wattpad. Most stories are between 300 and 500 words as planned but there are a few poems of less and at least one story so far that is a little longer. To keep you up to date, the stories since last post are…


Day 5 – A (probably quite bad) poem saluting football fans

Day 6 – A view from a player who sits on the bench hoping for a chance but never gets it

Day 7 – A bit of radio commentary about an underdog upsetting the World Champions

Day 8 – A look at a player’s view of a controversal issues that still haunts them years later

Day 9 – A poem (slightly better than the one from Day 5!) from the point of view of someone who hates football and doesn’t want to hear any more about the World Cup

Day 10 – A frustrated fan talks about his team going out in the group stages of the World Cup

Day 11 – Someone has to go to a meal but would rather be watching the World Cup


And what is Day 12 about I hear you ask? Well, ok, you are probably not asking that but it was a  divisive way of saying it is written but you will have to check back tomorrow to read it. All there is left to say is that you can read World Cup Dreams here. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave any comments both positive and negative.


Word Cup Dreams (Days 1, 2, 3 and 4)

The cover for the new project, a short story of 300-500 words everyday during the World Cup

The cover for the new project, a short story of 300-500 words released everyday during the World Cup

The problem with finishing writing on one project is you immediately want to start another one. This desire appears to be an issue with me as I seem to flit between projects quite a lot. About a week and a half ago I finished the first draft of ‘I can hear your pain.’ Rather than edit it I wanted to write something else, particularly a Super Lizard short. Again life got in the way and I was able to do neither of the two projects. However, I did had another idea, a challenge to myself, during this time. Being a massive football fan and loving the World Cup I wondered if I could write a short story of between 300 and 500 words everyday then publish it on Wattpad. This would build up to be a small book in its own right and look at football and the World Cup from different angles and using different written styles. The ability to quickly write a short and edit it each day appealed to me so I decided to have a go. Realising I could actually write more than one short each day so I had some in the bag for days when I couldn’t write helped cement the idea in my head. I am happy, therefore, to announce ‘World Cup Dreams.’ The first three shorts are up, looking at the excitement of travelling to the World Cup, wearing the team’s shirt for the first time in the World Cup and a disgruntled football hater talking about how they dislike it when the World Cup is on. You can get to it here. Today’s offering is written but not edited so will be up a little later today, it is a cheeky look at TV advertising around the World Cup.

I hope you enjoy the project as I am enjoying writing about one of my favourite sports from different people’s perspective, particularly those that are alien to me. Keep checking back on the book as there will be new shorts every day during the World Cup.

p.s. Come on England!