I write the odd the poem, sometimes these only appear on this blog but other times I have released them as part of collections. These are generally e-books. Below is information about my poetry that is contained in books that are purely poetry, for books that contain poetry and prose see my Novel, Novellas and Collections section…

Bad Poetry You probably never want to read

Bad Poetry Cover BLOGSometimes I write poetry. Not often and when I do it is pretty bad. It is more a splurge of ideas and feelings rather than something deep and meaningful. I used to post some on this blog but found I wanted a central repository for my poorly worded poetry and as such ‘Bad Poetry You probably never want to read’ was born. I know the title is very self-deprecating but I really don’t think the poetry is that good. It is mainly random lines and a bit of rhyming. As it is currently a work in progress i.e. I am adding poems every now and then to the book, it is currently only available on Wattpad. It will be coming out on Smashwords when I feel there are enough poems in it. What number of poems is that? Your guess is as good as mine!

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