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NaNoWriMovember Day 18 (or I don’t have enough time to blog this really!)

The Mo is looking good, shame it is so darn itchy

The Mo is looking good, shame it is so darn itchy

It is no lie that I knew this month was going to be hard with family commitments and work on top of two challenges. When I started NaNoWriMo the first week seemed to be so easy, just a hour or two a day and I was on par. But the longer it goes on the harder it gets, I have had two days where I have been so busy that I have written approximately 20 words. Other days when I think I will catch up something comes up and I just get above the 1,700 odd words designated for each day. In fact it is a miracle that I am currently only two days behind. The writing, as well, is not my best, it is a case of getting the words down then worrying about them later. I am happy to say I have managed to develop the storyline and the characters are moving along well, I’m just not sure I have written it in the best way. But hey, let’s be positive. I never thought I would hammer out over twenty-five thousand words in a couple of weeks and I have achieved that (well in just over two weeks). I really want to get this project complete, I am excited to finish and get editing them pop it up on Smashwords and Kindle.

The other challenge this month is going a lot more positively. I have managed to raise over £100 so far and am sporting a stonkingly good, if not disturbing, moustache. It is starting to itch now and I really want to shave it off but I am sure I can survive another twelve days.

The final thing to say is that I had expected to update this blog with my NaNoWriMovember exploits more often but it seems the words I really need to get down are on the story I am writing. So there we go, if you want to follow my progress writing the novel head here, and to sponsor me for Movember head over here. Right, I better run, this is a few hundred words that I should have written in the novel, well not these exact words, oh you know what I mean!