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Prince Imrahil is missing…can you find him?

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will know that I have embarked on the massive quest of reading Lord of the Rings. It was the most mammoth read I have ever undertaken in all my silly little life. I am glad to say that a few days ago I completed it. I decided, therefore, I would watch the films again. After viewing The Fellowship of the Ring once more I noticed that I was becoming a purist, little plot holes that were missing annoyed me as well as how much Merry and Pippin had been changed into comic characters. Yeah Pippin is a little silly in the books but Merry is the brains of the operation.

One thing I noticed as I was reading the third book (Return of the King) was there was this minor character I had not heard of from the film. His name was Prince Imrahil and he was the Prince of a place called Dol Amroth. As the novel continued his character seemed to grow and grow until he was near stature with the likes of Aragorn and Eomer. So why was he not in the film version? Some people might think he is just a minor character, but lets look at his exploits in the book…

  1. He is the leader of one of the largest armies that comes to the aid of Gondor
  2. He is one of the main reasons that the ‘good guys’ win the battle of the Pelennor Fields
  3. He helps protect the dead body of King Theoden on its way back to the city
  4. He looks after Gondor as its leader when Aragon does not feel he should reveal himself yet and Faramir is wounded and in the Houses of Healing
  5. He is one of the leaders in the attack on the black gate and it appears as if most of the men in the battle are his

Whilst I love the films and I do think some of the book drags a little and needs to be cut I feel a character like Imrahil would simply have added to the film. Also I think it a bit of a slur not to include him. Is that sad, that I am think this about a fiction character or does it show the power books have over us? I don’t really know, but the decision to cut him out has rather riled me really!