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Cancelled: I can hear your pain and Super Lizard Christmas Special

It seems that I am, more recently, using this blog to tell you of things I cannot do. It has got a little negative. It is, therefore, we sadness that ‘I can hear your pain’ and the ‘Super Lizard Christmas Special’ have been cancelled. The reasons for this you ask, well…


I can hear your pain – if you follow me on twitter you will know a little of this short story that started as a five thousand word project for World Book Day and end up being over twelve thousand. I had intended to release it for World Book Day 2015 having missed the boat for 2014, however some issues have occurred. Whilst the first draft is complete, something has happened at work which is not related in any way. However, if you look at the themes of the short story and look at the school I work in there could be some connections made. Even though the story was written before the events at school happened and they is very little similarity I believe I need to play it safe for the moment and thus the short story is cancelled. My family comes first and holding down a job to support them is the most important thing. If that job is compromised so is my family. It is not to say that ‘I can hear your pain’ will not be released at a later date I just feel now is not the time.


Super Lizard Christmas Special – there are two issues here, firstly I did not leave myself enough time to write the short story. I feel that if I wrote it all today (Christmas Eve) it would not be as good as if I had taken time and care over it. Secondly, I am seeing why Christmas Specials are not always that good. If we think about the TV we watch year on year, how many Christmas Specials do you really remember? It is an excuse to make more shows or more money and that is what I felt the Super Lizard Christmas Special was becoming. It was a little challenge, filling in a gap and getting something released but did not add to my body of work. I wanted something akin to the Father Ted Christmas Special but it seemed more like a bit of tinsel on a cold turkey. The benefits of the story I have written so far is that it develops the characters, however I have one mission with Super Lizard, it must be funny. I struggled to put good jokes into the Christmas Special and at the end of the day if it isn’t funny I don’t want to release it. Also the story was set after Super Lizard Returns which is not fully written yet. After hours of deliberation I decided to cancel it. Again, it may be released later when I have the time to work on it further, also the odd good joke can be taken and placed in another Super Lizard story. For now, though, there is no Christmas Special.


So what positives can I take from this experience? Well, firstly, it will give me time to work on completing Super Lizard Returns. More importantly it now frees me up to focus on writing a novel. I have done a lot of short stories, given a lot away for free. Now is the time to focus on one of my novels and get that published. That, now, is my plan for the year. It has also got me wanting to write again and I can now set myself a realistic target and get some more work out. 2014 has not been good for my writing but maybe 2015 will be. So all that is left to say is, sorry I had to cancel the two shorts but look out for some more of my writing in 2015. Oh yeah, and have a Merry Christmas.


You just can’t keep a good lizard down!

Super Lizard is back and I am not sure what is more amazing, that I actually managed to write something or that I think this might be one of the funniest shorts yet. You can read The Taking of York 456, Mandlebury Post Office and General Stores on wattpad by clicking here. It is the longest Super Lizard story yet and barely even features him. Please leave comments, either good or bad, as that helps me a lot. I hope to finish the fourth short in the series early next year and then I can get the e-book on Smashwords. Also look out for a Super Lizard Christmas special I am working on. Right, that is it, short and sweet. I could waffle on a bit more but I have nothing else to say.