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Why I am now really proud of Captain Caleb

Front-Cover-BlogThis may seem like a sales pitch but it is really not, although I will provide a link to my book if you do want to take a look (got to get the marketing where you can!). I have said for a while that I was unhappy with the formatting of Captain Caleb and the Tickle Monster on Kindle, however I have recently looked at it on my Hudl and it looks much better than it did on my iPhone or on an iPad. Because of this, and the fact we were trying to entertain him whilst waiting for lunch in a pub, I decided to read Captain Caleb to my son who is now just a little over two and a half. It really was nothing more than a time killing solution. However, as I read I tried to get my son to do the actions and phrases in the book which he duly did. Yet something magical happen, he was actually giggling at the story and pointing at items on the pictures. He noticed that Purple Pete was chased by a bat and pointed to the X on the treasure map. He was also excited by being able to swipe across the screen to change pages but I take no credit for that!

After we had finished he said those immortal words a write wants to hear, “I want to read it again.” This time Mummy took up the mantle of reader. The second time through my son was even more animated, chuckling to himself and joining in. Towards the end of the book when it says, “are you scared?” he said, “No, it’s a tickle monster,” and proceeded to tickle my Wife and myself. You know, I may not have sold many copies and I have pretty much no reviews of the book but that does not matter when your son is clearly enjoying the work you have done. It put a big smile on my face and for the first time in a long while made me proud of myself. I think we will have to read it again in the coming days as the boy asks for more and more. I am so glad he enjoyed it so much.

So, the marketing bit of this lovely family moment is coming now. If you want to buy the book you can by going here for the UK version or here for the US version. I am still planning on creating a print copy but have lots I want to do first. Thank you and if you do not buy it then just revel in the wonder that children bring to your life.