Children’s Stories

Whilst most of my work is aimed at adults and young adults, I do some writing for younger children. I have even attempted my own picture book. Below are details of my stories for younger children.

Captain Caleb and the Tickle Monster

Front-Cover-BlogWritten for my nephew, Captain Caleb and the Tickle Monster is a picture and words book for young children. It is about a pirate and his crew who try to find treasure but get more than they bargained for. I decided to create it as a special Christmas present as my nephew loves books. It took quite a while to create the pictures and I got it professionally printed. It was not to be released but Sam Edge, my nephew’s father, has decided to take part in The Great Northern Paddle 2013. To support him I have decided to release Captain Caleb on Kindle for a limited period of time. All royalties I gain from this will be donated as a sponsor to Sam Edge and will go on to support the Calvert Trust who offer outdoor activities to disabled people to make their lives much fuller. You can buy Captain Caleb from the UK Amazon Store or American Amazon Store.

Bella and Lola: Up the Wrong Tree

Up The Wrong Tree CoverBella and Lola: Up The Wrong Tree is a tale for children of about five years of age. It is a short story where a cat goes missing and the trials of trying to find them. It is currently a Kindle exclusive book and is the first story I have ever charged for. It can be purchased for 77p from the UK Kindle Store here, or for $1.18 from the American Kindle Store here. In truth the story behind why I wrote it is a little different to any of my other books. Usually ideas come from conversations or movies I feel have failed to move me. I actually wrote this one based on a real life event. I was writing a sci-fi short story and it had just come to my wife and I’s wedding anniversary. We were heading to Scotland for a week and I decided to take my laptop as my wife likes an afternoon nap every now and then and that gives me an hour or so to get some words down. A few days into the holiday we got a call from my Mother-in-law, who was looking after our cats. One had gone missing. After about twenty four hours of worry and tears our little cat was found. Thinking of my unborn child I felt like writing down the story to read to him/her through my wife’s tummy one night before bed. I had also thought of trying to get some work on Kindle to see how easy it was and if I could make any money from some of my writing. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I found it incredibly easy to get my work up there and so went ahead. I am very happy with it as it is a story I never intended to write but allowed me to turn my hand to children’s literature again. I also took a few photographs and edited them, they are included in the book to add to the narrative.

So here is the final plug, please download Bella and Lola: Up The Wrong Tree and read it to your children. It can be found at the UK Kindle Store here and the American Kindle Store here. If you like it then let me know.

Bella and Lola: A Sting in the Tail

A-Sting-in-the-Tail-Cover-BLOGDespite Up the Wrong Tree not selling many copies I enjoyed writing about Bella and Lola. They feel so innocent and I feel as if I am writing from the point of view of a Victorian Nanny, something with is so very far from what I am. The second Bella and Lola book came about during a very stressful time at work and whilst I was completing my dissertation for my Masters. I was not able to write very much but needed to clear some head space so set about writing a short story, usually this is the time I would turn to Super Lizard but something inside me wanted to get more work on Kindle. I was watching my kittens trying to catch flies and laughing at the silly noises they were making when the story hit me. It only took one afternoon to write so I went on twitter and told the world to expect it soon. But I forgot about editing, creating a cover, formatting and getting images for the book (Bella and Lola don’t stay still very long!). Due to the hectic nature of work and preparing our house as we were expecting our first child, it took months before these things were done. On my babies due date the ebook was finally released, unfortunately my baby didn’t come then as well.

You can get Bella and Lola: A Sting in the Tail from the UK Kindle store here or the American Kindle Store here. The prices for Up the Wrong Tree apply.


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