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My world has split in two!

I have been thinking about my life a lot recently, my job is hectic but I love it, I have a small boy to look after, loads of odd D.I.Y. jobs to do, a pile of four computer games to get through, over fifteen books and numerous half started stories to finish as well as having a glut of games for my badminton club. When I have discussed this with friends and family they have always said that something has to give, I need to get rid of one hobby to allow me to focus more on the others. But I’m not that kind of guy, I like a challenge and I do not want a part of me to be ripped away. Another decision that effects this is that as a teacher I need to be careful of the novels I produce; if they have swearing, blood and gore in them I could be seen to be promoting that in real life and thus lose my job. So the decision I have made is not to lose something but to gain something. From now on my writing world will be ripped apart and I will market myself in two separate areas. Chris Harvey (my real name) will become a children and young adults franchise if you will, I will publish and release my work for anyone who is a teenager or below through this blog and onto my current Kindle, Smashwords and Wattpad accounts. In turn a new author shall emerge, one with a different name, a new site and their own Kindle and Smashwords accounts (not sure it I will get another Wattpad account). These novels will be for adults and will mainly be Sci-fi and Fantasy in nature. Not only will going this way help keep my professional interests but I am hoping will also help me see the market I am targeting. I mean do parents want to see that an author who has written a children’s book has something where people get ripped apart by swords and axes next it? I don’t think so.

The new site is in production but not up yet. To do this I will be transferring some of my intellectual property over to that author, for professional reasons I will not mention the name but I can tell you what is going to that franchise and what is staying here. Bella and Lola, Super Lizard, Lasia’s Fate and future children and young adult novels will stay here with my real name. The Wings of Aysh-Karal, The Journey Home (my NaNoWriMo winning novel) and the Zombie sci-fi short story will head over to the other area. What this does mean is that works will be published a lot less often, not only due to time constraints but due to where I am publishing them from or, indeed, who by.

It has not been an easy decision to make as some people may be following this account for my more adult novels, but I believe it is for the best. If you do want to know the name of the new newly created fictitious author then please feel free to message me here, on twitter or on facebook. Can I finish by apologising for using the word franchise, that makes me seem unfeeling and somehow dishonest. I could not think of another word to use. All in all I am an independent author who publishes through online media, I do not expect to get big (it is really a hobby at the moment) but if I do then I intend to amalgamate the two authors.