Short Stories and Flash Fiction

I used to spend a lot of time writing short stories, now I produce the odd one between novels and poems. Below is so information about my short stories that are published as e-books…

Super Lizard

Super Lizard CoverSuper Lizard Returns CoverSuper Lizard came about when we were promoting National Short Story Week 2012 at the school in which I work. We were asked to talk to students about the joy of reading and in particular short stories. I decided the best wat to do this was to write a short story myself. I wanted to make it fun so used a silly random plot generator to do this. This brought out the plot that a lizard with super powers steals a packed of crisps and thus Super Lizard was born. I enjoyed writing it so much and love the characters that I wanted to write more. When asking people if they liked it the majority said they did and would like to read more so I started work on Super Lizard Returns, a set of four short stories. Due to time constraints it took a lot longer than expected to complete but Super Lizard Returns is also now available on both Wattpad and Smashwords. I tend to write Super Lizard when I am a bit down and need a pick me up as I can be as silly as I like. It is also my first foray into comedy, which I thought I would be terrible at but did not turn out as bad as I thought. Terry Pratchett is the real inspiration behind how I have written these short stories.

You can find the books from the following places…

Super Lizard Begins






Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Super Lizard Returns





Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Lasia’s Fate

Lasia's Fate CoverLasia’s Fate is my telling of the legend of Saint George and the Dragon. It came about when I was teaching on Shakespeare’s birthday. Some 6th Form students came in to my lesson to recite some Shakespeare then leave without explanation. One of my pupils asked why we were looking so much at Shakespeare but not Saint George. I had not realised that it was also Saint George’s day. This got me thinking about English identity and what actually happened in the legend, I knew a knight fought a dragon and that he was the patron saint of England but that was all. This happen at the time Super Lizard Begins was placed on Smashwords and had gone onto WH Smith and iBooks. This meant I wanted to write more and get it up quickly. I hammered away at the keys for a few nights and wrote Lasia’s Fate. It also got me thinking about my spirituality as I was worried that people might think I was pushing them to become Christians. I am a Christian but also Agnostic and had entered the tale from a purely storytelling point of view. I had used dialogue that hinted at Christian fanaticism but this was to get into the mind of George. I truly believe that parts of it are some of my best writing and use of imagery and I hope you agree too. It is currently available on Wattpad, Smashwords, iTunes and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

The First Flash of Hope

first-flash-coverThis collection of flash fiction started out with me failing to get published in a magazine, a free magazine at that! I wrote a piece entitled ‘The Other Side of Mars’ but never got a reply. I then had an idea to write twenty sci-fi flash fiction stories and released them as an e-book. This was at a time when I had ideas flowing out of my ears so, sadly, had to leave the idea to allow me to finish other projects. Some time later I had two drafts I was editing, one for a novella and one for a novel. I was getting frustrated at the time it took to edit these and wanted to write. I, therefore, resurrected ‘The First Flash of Hope’ so I could write the odd sci-fi flash fiction and add it to the collection. At present I am still not up to twenty! You can read ‘The First Flash of Hope’ on Wattpad.


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