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SUCCESS (or Where I am at!)

I feel I have ignored this blog a little in the last month and not really done much on Twitter. Despite being on school holidays I had a wealth of other things on my plate. I had intended to get a lot more writing done and hoped to have another Super Lizard short up as well as a few chapters of The Wings of Aysh-Karal. But to quote lyrics from Newton Faulkner, ‘sometimes life gets in the way.’ I spent the first three weeks of holiday finishing off my Masters Degree, which I am happy to say I have passed. I am now a master of education, I hope that means I can now just look at people and they will learn what I want them to! Pretty much the day after I finished my son was born, he is a cute little bundle of joy but does take up some time. Well not him exactly, more the influx of visitors. I am now back at work and still the visits are coming! Life should be easier now, it should just be work to worry about?! Well maybe not, you seem to finish one job then another comes along.

That said I have looked back at the last few years and am thinking that it has been a successful time, I have now moved to a house with a garden, finally have cats, got married, completed an MA and had a child. That is pretty good going. My home life feels almost perfect, I don’t want it to change. Now, maybe, I can focus on some writing. I did managed to complete some more of the latest chapter of The Wings of Aysh-Karal but half way through realised I needed to update character documents as well as create new maps, a historical timeline and details on different religions. Well I didn’t need to do this but if I hadn’t it may mean continuity issues later on. The good thing is that this has given me ideas for other stories within the same world. Well maybe that isn’t good, I have enough to write as it is! Anyway, I banged on about it in a previous post.

So, you may be thinking why I am posting this. One reason is to get it off my chest, to realise how far I have come and what I have achieved. Hopefully you, the reader, will think about what you have achieved whilst reading this. It may not be what you set out to do but success comes in many forms. Another reason for the post is to let anyone who is wondering why I haven’t blogged or updated a story for some time know that they can be safe in the knowledge that I am still here and still writing. Hopefully there should be some more literary works up soon, but given my current track record they could be some time off!