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Latest Challenge – FAILED

Anyone who follows me on twitter will know that I have been writing a short story for World Book Day. Today is that very day and the story is unfinished. It is hard to hold down a job, be a husband and father and manage to write. I often find that I set myself deadlines and miss them. After the success of NaNoWriMo I thought a short story to help promote World Book Day in the school I work at would be an easy task. But after a couple of weeks that involved two parents evenings, a party for a friend and a job interview it appears the timing of World Book Day was not in my favour. The positives are, however, that I am over 4,000 words into a short story I had not even planned to write over a month ago. My plan now is to get the ebook ready and up on Smashwords over the weekend. I doubt I will actually do it in this time frame but do expect to get it all organised in a week or two. Another bonus is that the nice people at World Book Day have recognised what I was doing and given me some nice messages via twitter as well as letting me use the World Book Day logo on the front cover. So basically what I am saying is watch this space, it may be late but a new short story is coming and I am still planning on doing a reading at my school to, hopefully, show the students that reading is fun but writing your own stories is even funner (is that even a word?).