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Islands of Hope Update – 02/06/2018

Well, it’s been an interesting week. I am on half term holiday so should have another large update, however this week’s update is not even four hundred words. It’s not due to laziness but rather to make the story flow better. This week we see Kira getting to France, there was going to be another section in this chapter but I felt that the timeline would be out with Johanna’s mission. Therefore we are ending Chapter 20 with Kira asleep on a beach in France and will move to Chapter 21 next week and back to Johanna. I have actually started that chapter but you will have to wait till next week (don’t like updating over two chapters in one week remember!). On top of this I have outlines in my head for the next thee chapters. Feels like the story is starting to come together. For now you can read Chapter 20 here, or start from the beginning here.


Islands of Hope Update – 26/05/2018

I really seem to have the writing bug at the moment. This week has seen me spend a lot of time editing ‘A Close Shave with Destiny’ but still write over a thousand words for the ‘Islands of Hope’ update. This week’s update is another splurge of words where I just sat down for an hour and hammered it out, I took longer to edit it than write it! It is the start of Chapter 20 and Kira leaving Guernsey to go and find her mother. She is trying to sneak away before De Puteron knows she is gone. It doesn’t all go to plan, well actually it goes better than planned. You can read the update on wattpad as usual, Chapter 20 is here, or you can start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 19/05/2018

After a non ‘Islands of Hope’ blog post, normal service is resumed this Saturday. Even better, this week’s update is a big one, over a thousand words. I don’t really know what happened, I just decided I wanted to get to the end of Chapter 19 and write the big reveal so hammered out the words. That said, I am not sure if the reveal is that big, you can see for yourself by heading over to wattpad. The bad news is that I now need to have a think about what I am going to put in Chapter 20, oh well, got some time to sort it out before next week’s update. Anyhow, you can read Chapter 19 here, or start from the beginning here.

New Poem – A Great British Holiday

What’s that? A blog post that is not about ‘Islands of Hope?’ You better believe it! Yes, somehow in my busy schedule I have managed to write a new poem. Actually the only reason I got it down is because I had an idea in my head and was waiting for my son to finish at school. It is in those dead times with nothing else to distract me I can let myself get creative. I have said before that I get to points where I think I want to write a new poem then spend weeks deciding what I want to write about. This poem is one such occasion. I had a few other ideas that were a bit rubbish, then I went away for a week with my family. Just within the UK, nothing as exciting as going abroad. I’m not foolish enough to do that with two children under five!

I had an amazing time, there is so much to do in England and I love living here. The problem is the rain, it rains a lot. In fact it rained almost the whole time we were on holiday. This got me thinking, Britain really is a great place to holiday, there is something for everyone. You just need to brave the weather sometimes and it will all be worth it. So here is my ode to holidaying in Britain. Sorry, no rhyming here, it worked better without. And yeah, I did need the last comic line! Anyhow, enjoy. You can read it in my poetry collection, Bad Poetry You probably never want to read, or take a look below…


A Great British Holiday

Rolling hills of lush green grass
Over paths trodden a million times
Throughout the years by many a race
From modern ramblers to Saxon folk
As you pass each stone that juts
From broken earth through creeping weeds
What stories these rocks do tell
What monuments there once was built
Through ancient cities and modern builds
To amusements of every kind
Parks full with exhilarating rides
And animals from every corner of the globe
Petting zoos with rabbit, goat and cow
To giraffe, elephant and exotic bird
Museums and art galleries on every corner
Teaching history, science and appreciation
A plethora of worldwide stars
Grace the stage and tread the boards
Music and drama from across the centuries
From The Beatles to Shakespeare
Mozart to Banksy’s political statements
Sport runs through the veins of the land
Great spectacles with balls and bats
Even the beaches are world-renowned
Not always golden sand but donkeys
Ice cream, sand castles, fish and chips
If your fancy a quieter life
The land is dotted with many a village
Quaint picture perfect postcards
And all the tea and scones you can manage
With parish churches and great cathedrals
Spires reaching like arms to the sky
Religious artifacts and stained glass depictions
There is something for the historian,
The scientist, the ramble
Something for the thrill seeker,
The child, the art lover
Something for the relaxers
The sporty, the religious
All of this on a small island
Shame it keeps hammering it down

Islands of Hope Update – 12/05/2018

Well here we are again, another week into 2018, it is going quickly. It is another short update this week, I could have written more as I have got the writing bug this week and have been doing a bit each night rather than just crashing after work! Instead of writing ‘Islands of Hope’ though, I have been editing ‘A Close Shave with Destiny.’ The Novella is getting closer and closer to being released and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As for ‘Islands of Hope,’ this week is Johanna’s journey through the Central Science Laboratory. Not overly exciting but a big reveal is just around the corner (should be next week), so stay tuned. As usual the update is on wattpad. You can read Chapter 19 here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope update – 05/05/2018

Well this week started off well writing wise (actually it was the end of last week!) but petered our very quickly. Got a respectable 700 odd words down but life got in the way or I could have had over a thousand. This week’s update is mainly showing you how hi-tech it is inside the Central Science Lab as a juxtaposition to where Johanna has come from. Please bear with me, there will be something exciting happening soon, I promise! There’s not really much more to say so I suppose I will finish with the usual…you can read Chapter 19 here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 28/04/2018

Well, here we are again, another Saturday and another ‘Islands of Hope’ update. Sorry it is another short one this week, work has that effect on writing. The good news is that I found myself with some time to kill at a conference this week, and only a phone in my hand. It means I already have a couple of hundred words for next week’s update, did not have time to edit it for this update. As for this week, it is just a bit more of Johanna’s mission, basically description to get a feel for the sort of people who work at Princip’s main laboratory, people you are not supposed to like. I also feel like I’ve hit another milestone as the story is now over 25,000 words, does not change the fact it is still only a novella at the moment but does feel good. Anyhow, the update is now live on wattpad. You can read Chapter 19 here, or start from the beginning here.