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Islands of Hope Update – 16/11/2019

I am not sure if it has just been the lack of time this week, but we have another very short update. There have been two occasions when I could have written and have not found the motivation. Late nights and lots of work have meant that when I have been free the TV has been flicked on instead of doing something creative. Sometimes we just need to recharge the batteries. With Pokémon Sword and Shield being released this week I can’t see my motivation to write increasing much! Anyhow, on to this week’s update (at least you have an update!), it basically shows how Nigel’s aides do not really trust this Princips guard. But Du Puteron is going to give him the benefit of the doubt, will that be a good thing? You will have to wait to find out. For now you can read the slowly updating Chapter 42 here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 09/11/2019

I am amazed I have managed to write anything this week; working all day and something on every night. I have, though, cobbled together around two hundred and fifty words and given them a little polish with some editing. It is really more of the same this week, the Princips’ guard realising that Guernsey is awesome and is much nicer than the mega cities. So yeah, I don’t really have much more to say except that you can read the update as usual on wattpad. Chapter 42 is here, or you can start from the very beginning of the story here.

Islands of Hope Update – 02/11/2019

Well, I thought with it being half term I would get loads of writing done. It is clear I was wrong. Very, very, wrong. Days out with the family, broken cars and sorting the house have contributed to this week’s update being short. It is another plot building one, well more asthetics building and putting in place how the mega cities are not all that great to live in. I have promised action before and it has come in small doses, so it is there, you will just have to wait a bit longer for the larger bits of action. They are coming, I promise. Now it is November, I would also like to wish anyone doing NaNoWriMo good luck. Once again this year I am not doing it so I can focus on ‘Islands of Hope’ as well as the children’s book I am writing (you can read more on that here). OK, I’ll stop waffling now, for the moment you can read the update on wattpad; Chapter 42 is here, or you can start from the begining here.

No NaNo again this year

It’s becoming a habit this not doing NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month to those not in the know). The reasons are similar to last year really, I’m working on my serial novel, ‘Islands of Hope,’ which you can read on wattpad. Last year I was also editing, this year I am writing a children’s novel for my son and would love to have the first draft done by Christmas, taking November off for another novel means that definitely will not happen. On top of this, I will be moving house in the next month or two. So basically I do not have the time, also I don’t really want to force a plot so I can get to 50,000 words, I would rather have something I want to write and take time planning it.

So, yeah, sorry about that. I will be offering lots of support to those who are taking part though. Maybe this time next year I will be in a different position and will, for the third time, be taking part in NaNoWriMo. Oh well, back to the paperwork now I think!

Early Islands of Hope Update – 25/10/2019

Yep, I am away again this weekend, so you get an ‘Islands of Hope’ update a day early. This week’s update builds on the fact that living in Guernsey is much better than living in a mega city, you get much more freedom and the whole feel of the place is generally nicer. The Princips Guard seems to think so, maybe he will stay and join the rebellion, not really sure at the moment. That’s the great thing about pantstering this project, usually I would have decided ages ago and planned it all out, now I can just decide on a whim. I also almost had a bit of a boo boo this week, I wrote the original update as if this was the first time the Princips Guard was seeing Du Puteron’s base of operations, then remembered he had been there to take Du Puteron in an earlier scene. Luckily, I realised and amended this scene. Anyway, you can read Chapter 42 on wattpad by going here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update- 19/10/2019

Another shortish update this week, but at least Chapter 42 is starting to take shape. There was a point when I thought of abandoning the chapter, thinking it wasn’t useful to the story, but I am glad I am writing it as it has giving me new ideas for making the plot a little deeper. This week we have the guard, who was ready to sell Kendra out, taken from the cell, and the others subdued a bit. Where is Du Puteron taking him though? Well, you’ll have to wait till next week to find that out. For now you can read Chapter 42 here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 12/10/2019

The only way I can describe this week is ‘aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ It wasn’t bad, just very very busy. The fact I have managed to write anything, let alone about two hundred words, is amazing. But hey, the challenge is to update every week so update I will. This week we have a little more Chapter 42 where one of the Princips Guards has decided to sell out, the others have not taken it too well, leading to a bit of violence. Well, at least it is some action. So, yeah, sorry it is so short, hopefully a little more next week. For now you can read Chapter 42 on wattpad here, or start from the beginning here.