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The First Flash of Hope on wattpad


The First Flash of Hope will let me write quick stories whilst I edit my two finished drafts

A few years ago I wrote a piece of flash fiction entitled ‘The Other Side of Mars.’ I found it enjoyable to create a quick story and really liked what I did, it even felt a little deep and political. I decided that rather than publish it myself I would send it off to a magazine. I only ever tried one, a free magazine that was circulated around Manchester. I never got a reply. There were free pdf versions of the magazine so I checked the next few and I was not in it. I then had a brain wave, why not write more flash fiction and released them in a book. I came up with some ideas and designed a cover. The book was to be called ‘The First Flash of Hope.’ However, this was at a time when I was creating so many ideas for stories and books that I could not keep up. I started writing a lot of different stories and barely finished any. I therefore scrapped a few projects to try to concentrate on one or two that I could get finished. ‘The First Flash of Hope’ was one thing I left. I now have two finished first drafts, one for a novel and one for a novella, which I am editing. I find it frustrating how long it is taking me to publish these and that I am using all my writing time to edit. I have decided, therefore, to release ‘The First Flash of Hope’ on wattpad. The idea is that if I need to write I can knock out a quick flash fiction and release it on there. The beauty of wattpad is that I can update as and when I like. As I never intended to charge for the book this is a brilliant solution. So there we have it, the first part of the book is ‘The Other Side of Mars’ and is up now. You can read it by going here if you like.