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Vlog – World Cup Dreams

It is less than a month to the World Cup, to say I am excited is an understatement. However I am also reminded of the challenge I set myself four years ago, to write a flash fiction or poem every day for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and the subsequent book, World Cup Dreams, which I produced. I have been thinking for a while of recording some vlog posts as a way of sharing some of my writing. Then I realised, what a great opportunity, I can promote my book by reading one of my favourite entries and it is topical because Russia 2018 is almost upon us. So here is it, my first vlog. The links you need to purchase the Extra Time Edition or download the free edition are below the video. Hope you enjoy it.

Free edition:

Wattpad – https://www.wattpad.com/story/17710141-world-cup-dreams/parts

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/461431

Extra Time Editon:

Print – https://www.amazon.co.uk/World-Cup-Dreams-Extra-Time/dp/1500769495

Kindle – https://www.amazon.co.uk/World-Cup-Dreams-Extra-Time-ebook/dp/B00MZH5Z6U/


World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition – FREE this weekend!

So there we go, the qualifiers have ended and now we know who the final 32 teams will be at the next world cup, held in Russia next summer. The successful teams will be…

  • World-Cup-Dreams-Extra-Time-Cover-BLOG

    World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition is FREE on Kindle this weekend


  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • Serbia
  • Germany
  • Peru
  • Iceland
  • Nigeria
  • Brazil
  • Switzerland
  • Costa Rica
  • Australia
  • Portugal
  • England
  • Sweden
  • Japan
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • Belgium
  • Mexico
  • Egypt
  • Panama
  • Poland
  • Uruguay
  • Senegal
  • Korea Republic
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia

There are some big guns missing, mainly Italy, USA and the Netherlands, but brilliantly, for me at least, England have made it. As we wait for the World Cup it seems now is a good time to do a promotion, I have not done one for some time. To keep you going while you wait for the World Cup you could read World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition and for this weekend it will be absolutely FREE on Kindle. I would like to do a promotion on the print copy but, unfortunately, that is out of my control (paper costs money you see!). So, you can download World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition from Amazon in the UK here or from Amazon in the US here. It should also be free in all the other countries Amazon operates. The only thing I would really like back is a review, be it good or bad. So here’s to a summer of excellent football and, hopefully, some excellent reading before that!

I ignored a book signing, is that right?

I have often seen local authors sitting in shops, particularly WH Smith, with a pile of books to sign and no-one buying them. I feel for them but move on pretty quickly. However, today I said no to a book signing and now I feel bad. The book is one I have heard of from a local author and fits into the Young Adult genre. Maybe the reason I feel bad is because this is a genre I write. Anyway, he told me he was signing books as I walked past but I just said, “no thanks.” After walking on a few paces I thought, ‘I am an aspiring author, I should be supporting this person.’ I did have my one year old daughter in my arms and was walking to calm her down, I am a little low on cash and I have too many books to read so did not want to buy it, but are these all poor excuses? Should I be buying signed books by local authors to support the cause even if I have no interest in the book itself? I then started to think about how I would feel if this was me. I think I would be indifferent, I mean he did go out his way to tell me he was signing books. I would not want to bug people who walked past if I had a book signing. However, I struggle to get people to review my books online and know how down it can make your feel. Really, the question I am asking is should we support other authors just because we are authors too or should we be truthful and only promote or help authors in those areas/genres we enjoy? I feel I am a hypocrite in some ways as I would always promote my friends no matter what they are doing. And the book that was being signed was, itself, a book I would not have minded reading. Oh well, none of us are perfect, he is probably over it now so I really should be.

World Cup Dreams – two copies to give away


I’ve got two copies of World Cup Dreams to give away, just write me a football poem.

Euro 2016 starts in less than a week so to celebrate I thought I would do a different type of promotion to those I have usually done. I have made a book free for two days, which is quite easy when they are on Kindle. However, the Extra Time Edition of World Cup Dreams is both on Kindle and in print. So this time I am going to give away two print copies of World Cup Dreams: Extra Time Edition for FREE. As I have had to purchase the books before sending them on I am going to make you work a little for them. What you need to do is write a poem about football, it could celebrate the Euros coming up or the World Cup. It might be about your favourite club team or a great manager or player. It might even be about grassroots football. The only rules are that it must be original, it must be about football (sometimes called soccer in some countries) and it can be a maximum of 250 words long. To enter you need to fill in the form below. The competition will finish on Friday 3rd June at midnight UK time. I will then pick my two favourite entries (very subjective I know!) and contact them for an address to send the book to. When the competition has ended I will put some of the entries up on this blog (both the winners and other good entries) and will link to the websites/blogs/twitter/facebook of the writers (so you can get a little promotion yourself.). Right then, all there is to say now is good luck and I look forward to seeing the entries.


World Cup Dreams competition entry form

Captain Caleb – FREE for two days

Front-Cover-BlogTo celebrate the birth of my second child, a beautiful little girl, Captain Caleb and the Tickle Monster will be free on Kindle for the next two days (15th and 16th May). I have talked about reformatting and publishing in print so this may be the last time you can get it for free. You can get it from the US Amazon store here or the UK Amazon store here. My biggest fan, my two year old son, loves it and every time he sees my tablet he says, “can I read the Caleb pirate book?” That is the only endorsement I really need. Please grab it and enjoy. If you want to review it as well that would be great.

Endless self promotion

Whilst I only consider my writing as a bit of a hobby that I would like to make some money off of, I am noticing that the only way to get anywhere is with endless self promotion. I do not want to appear pushy but it seems you have to shove your work under everyone’s noses, whether they want it there or not. It is a constant; look at me, I will read your stuff in the vain hope you will read mine and have I told you I have written a book (what only about a thousand times)? In an area that is so crowded, it feels like I am the proverbial plate spinner and have to keep running back to each plate to give it a quick spin, not being able to stop to reflect on where I am. The interconnection of different sources and being able to post in one place and it then appearing on multiple platforms does help but it also feels like a hard slog of repeating information. On the back of all this I have decided to create a new platform in which to promote myself, well actually it is the obvious one. Basically to add to Twitter, Shelfari, Wattpad, Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing and this here blog I have created my own facebook page. This can be found here. If you want to like it then please do, although I should say I wont be offended if you don’t. It may be a case of seeing my post in multiple places as when I tweet it appears on facebook and when I update my status on Wattpad it tweets then appears on facebook and when I review on Shelfari it….oh you get the picture. Right, I am now off to think about where to promote next; Independent Author Network, Whizbuzz, Author Marketing Club? I think I’m going to have to make a list of websites, usernames and passwords before I go a bit made and start shouting at crocodiles! What? There are no crocodiles in England? It’s started already!

I’ve become a twit…..but they made me do it!

After years of staunch resistance I have finally given in! My friend and author James Camp told me that I needed to get a twitter account to help promote my literary works so I have gone and done just that. Rather than this blog encapsulating anything I think about and can be bothered to write down, the twitter account will focus on writing. One other bonus is I can now join in on BBC Sport when they have live text streams of football. It has been, for a long time, a dream of mine to appear on a Get Involved section. Small things and small minds eh! Anyhows, if you want any news on my writing or pointless views on the latest action in English football then feel free to follow me at @harveycd_writer (does there need to be two ats in there, this internet speak is far too confusing. Oh my I am starting to sound rather old).
If you can’t be bothered opening a new tab, typing into the address bar, logging into twitter, searching for me and then deciding if you wish to follow me based on tweets submitted so far then you can just click this link, it may save you about 5 seconds. Enjoy.