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End of year review 2016 (here we go again!)

So here we are again, at the end of another year and once more, like nearly all writers, I am doing a look back at the year blog post and, in terms of writing, what a year it has been. Right, after that  really long sentence let’s begin.

I always start off by reviewing my targets from the year. I specifically kept them simple in 2016 to avoid disappointment and another year of failure, simply put all I planned to do was ‘do some writing’ and I certainly did that. It is probably clearer to look at my three successes…


Poetry – as you may know I am bad at poetry, but that has never stopped me writing it! I managed a whopping six new poems that included topics such as Nintendo, love, Star Wars and not being able to write well. I have never had a repository for my poetry so decided to make one rather that it just sitting on this blog. That meant that ‘Bad Poetry you probably never want to read’ was born. I popped in my older poems that were on this site along with the new ones. As it is a work in progress it is only available on wattpad at the moment. You can read it here. There was to be a seventh poem for the year but nanowrimo took over and it was abandoned. Please feel free to ignore my poetry but if you do read it can you leave a review? It can be good or confirm my belief that I am terrible at the medium.

A Close Shave with Destiny – I finally finished my first draft of the story I started in October 2015 for Movember. It turned from a 5000 word short story to a nearly 40,000 word novelette. I finished it just before the start of nanowrimo so it still needs a proofread and a cover created. Expect it out in paperback and ebook format in 2017.

The Fifth Coin – this was my story for nanowrimo, which I am happy to say I won thanks to sticking very close to the target daily word count. I really like the story and have pushed myself to keep writing it in December, although not at nano pace. I am now on 60,000ish words and only have three chapters to write to finish the first draft, two of which I am already half way through. I hope to have it out next year as well.


So overall nothing published but a lot of words down, the most in any one year. This is largely thanks to Google docs which allows me to write from anywhere. I often sit for five minutes and add the odd hundred words which does add a little to a novel and keeps you in the flow. In fact I am writing this blog post on Google docs on my phone whilst my daughter is asleep in my arms.

Right on to next year, there is a lot I would like to do but the ‘just write something’ idea worked really well this year so I am keeping it. That said, in an ideal work ‘A Close Shave with Destiny’ and ‘The Fifth Coin’ would be published and I would have started work on something else as well as a few more poems being released. We will see though!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year, I look forward to 2017 in the hope that it is good for writing. Thank you to new followers through the media hop set up by Raimey Gallant, I do look at your posts even if I rarely comment. I do hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful. Anyway, to every out there good luck in whatever you do next year, unless it involves hurting kittens, then I am afraid I cannot condone it!


What does 2015 hold?

Whilst there were many positives to take out of 2014 it was clear that my writing was not one of them. Life, as always, gets in the way and thus I did not produce much in the way of publishable work. This blog was neglected for large periods of time as can be seen by the fact that there were less than a third of posts published last year compared to 2013. To learn from this I intend to set some more realistic writing goals for 2015. One of my issues is that I seem to have many projects on the go at once. I have a lot of short stories and two novels in progress which I constantly lose track of. I think, therefore, I need to focus on a few projects only, rather than flit from one to another. I have decided to do just two simple things in terms of writing…

  1. I will finish the final story of Super Lizard Returns and have an overall edit, getting the book up for free on Smashwords
  2. I will write a young adult novel, I will set myself word count targets each month and by the end of the year I will have written (if not quite edited) a novel

These two seem like targets that can fit around my job and family life. I will not go on about being more active on this blog because I don’t think it will happen. What I can do is focus on getting words down, getting projects to a point where they only need to be edited before being published. I have the outline for the final Super Lizard Returns story and a basic plot (with a few holes!) for my novel. I am not going to pick up an existing novel I am going to start from scratch and focus just on that. So there you go, don’t expect much of me on the surface this year but I will be paddling hard below, returning occasionally for a breath of air.