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Islands of Hope Update – 20/10/2018

Yet again I have written a whole chapter in a week, yet again it is a short one. I managed to write it and have it edited by Wednesday so considered doing a bonus update this week. Instead I focused on furthering some other projects. The great news is that my comedy fantasy novella set in a moustache, ‘A Close Shave with Destiny,’ is ready to be formatted for release. Anyway, back on to ‘Islands of Hope.’ This week’s update is a rather uninspiring one where Eliana is trying, and failing, to contact Kira. It may seem a pointless scene but will become more important later on. For now you can read Chapter 29 on wattpad by going here, or start from the beginning here.


Islands of Hope Update – 13/10/2018

Another chapter complete! OK, it is not a massive update, but a little over 850 words is not too bad. I just realised that some of the timings would not quite work if I made Chapter 28 longer and included the next part of the story. Therefore I am saving the next section for another chapter later on. So this week you get to hear Ukrit’s story, a bit about his past, the things he did for equality. But is he telling the truth, or trying to convince Kira that he is a good person? You will have to decide for yourself. All will be revealed later. For now you can read the completed Chapter 28 on wattpad by going here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 06/10/2018

I am not really sure at what stage a novella turns into a novel, some say it is 50,000 words, others go for 70,000 and for some it is more like 100,000. For me, I see a solid novella at 40,000, after that we are creeping into novel territory. I am happy, therefore, that Islands of Hope surpassed the 40,000 word mark this week. It is now feeling like a solid book. Don’t worry, there is still more to come. This week we are back to larger chapters, so Chapter 28 is not finished but you do have about six hundred and fifty words of it. Martha has stormed into Ukrit’s office once more and is after answers. Will she get them? Ukrit is about to tell her a story from his past. What is it? You’ll have to wait till next week to find out. For now you can read Chapter 28 on wattpad by going here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 29/09/2018

I did say the next few chapters would be short as story threads intertwined. In this week’s update you get a whole chapter but it is less than four hundred words. A quick one that gives the outcome of the vote. We now know that Du Puteron has spies in Princips and is being fed information. Also there is a bit of a rallying call at the end, and we all know what that means, some action scenes. OK, not straight away but they will be coming. For now you can read Chapter 27 on wattpad here, or start from the beginning here. I am glad to say that Islands of Hope now has over 250 reads, I would like some feedback though, please! Anything, good or bad, I don’t mind.

Islands of Hope Update – 22/09/18

This week I have managed to write a whole chapter of Islands of Hope. OK, that sounds impressive, but it was only a short chapter, a little over 700 words. I intended it to be longer but the words did exactly what I wanted them to do in that space of time. Basically, show that Kira is in a situation she is going to find it hard to get out of. It also builds on the fact she is starting to control her anger and, although not explicitly shown, Du Puteron has helped her with this. As well as this it builds on Sylvian’s character, showing he will do anything to protect his village. I have, so far, only tackled one storyline per chapter so felt it important to keep this up, therefore the next few chapters may be short as story threads start to intertwine. For now you can read Chapter 26 on wattpad by going here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 15/09/2018

Told you I would finish Chapter 25! Actually I have no idea how I achieved it, I feel like I have not stopped this week, but did manage to push myself to finish editing last night. I hope this section is showing how much of a pain Kendra is and how invested Martha is in doing the right thing. Although, I am starting to worry that all my female characters are very similar. Had I not decided to challenge myself to be a pantster in this project I might have seen that earlier. Oh well, at least the story is moving along well. As usual the update is live on wattpad now, Chapter 25 is here, or you can start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 08/09/2018

The good news is you have an update, the bad news is that it is another smaller one. First weeks back at work are always crazy, I have been working long hours and have barely seen my family, let alone write. The fact Chapter 25 is set up for other parts of the story means that I have not found it easy to get into as well. I will complete Chapter 25 next week (you know I won’t!). So, yeah, not an exiting week in terms of Islands of Hope but you can read Chapter 25 on wattpad now by going here, or alternatively start from the beginning here.