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Islands of Hope Update – 18/11/2017

Bit of a slim update this week, was hoping to get over the 10,000 word mark in total but did not quite hit that due to only writing around 500 words. It is not all bad news though, although some of the lack of writing was due to being busy, more was because I have been focusing my writing time on editing ‘A Close Shave with Destiny.’ It is taking quite a while to edit but I am making my way through it slowly but surely. Back to ‘Islands of Hope.’ This update is the start of Chapter 9 and finally sets up where the group are heading. Yes, if you had not guessed already, this island of hope is my homeland of Guernsey. I am getting a bit scared as I am unsure where the story will take me after the next few updates. Oh well, I’ve got some time to think about it! Right, the usual phrase to finish. You can read the start of Chapter 9 here or start from the beginning here.


All hail the mighty double winners!

Image…and I’m not talking about any of your Manchester Uniteds, Inter Milans or Barcelonas.

There is only one team in town and that is the mighty Guernsey FC. Seriously now, well done to the team. To win the Combined Counties League Division 1 at the first time is a fantastic achievement, especially as the team were only established in 2011. But further to this the lads have won the Combine Counties Premier Challenge Cup which involved beating teams from the league above. And the manner of the victories were fantastic, over 100 goals scored!

I also think it was a wonderful way to answer all those critics who thought that forming Guernsey FC would destroy local football. For our league teams to beat Jersey league teams then our national team to be Jersey in the Muratti shows that Guernsey FC is only good for local football. Well lets hope it continues that way!

If you want more info on the Combined Counties Premier Challenge Cup win check out these videos.

For more information on Guernsey FC check out their site. Go on you know you want to!