New Poem: An Ode to the Greatest Toy

Being a teacher has its benefits, although I don’t get to see my children much during term time I am with them lots in the holidays. On many a rain or lazy day my five year old son and myself like to play with Lego. This used to be a great experience of creating things and building  new sets together. We now have so many that I have had to organise our bricks by colour in a set of different coloured draws. What has now started happening is that my son wants to rebuild some of the older models we have, most recently a helicopter. In the past we would rifle through pieces and then build together. These days my son is quite the proficient builder and follower of instructions. I, therefore, have been relegated to ‘finder of pieces.’ Now this is not too hard a job and I can build a little whilst doing it. That is until he needs a grey piece, there are SO.MANY.GREY.BRICKS! I just sift and sift through them for hours, slowly loosing my mind!

As you may know I like to write poetry, and am often after inspiration. I’ve been so busy with other projects that I have not been thinking about poems. However, after this Lego experience, one jumped into my brain. For some reason I felt like writing it from the point of view of an Elizabethan dandy. Don’t ask me why, it just felt right. So you can read my frustrations about the toy I love so much in my poem ‘An Ode to the Greatest Toy.’ It is below, or, if you want a few extra clicks (and access to more of my terrible poetry), you can look at it on wattpad in my collection ‘Bad Poetry You probably never want to read.’


An Ode to the Greatest Toy

Oh woe is me

I cannot find the last brick

To make my beloved helicopter

Despite sorting into different colours

All I observe is a sea of grey

A myriad of pieces

Each engineered to perfection

But I don’t want the classic four by two

That I hath screamed in pain

When standing upon

Nor do I want clips or tubes or thin rows of dots

Oh how I used to love that sound

Plastic crashing against each other

As I rifle through my treasure

Now it is only an irritant

When I turned the page

I hoped for any colour

Except this dastardly grey

Blue, yellow, green or red

I seem to possess less of those

Making for a simpler search

Yet I hath stared for many an hour

Removed bits and placed them back

But alas, no joy

Maybe I shall make my own model

It will not be as good

Not such an aerodynamic design

But the system allows me such freedom

To veer from the intended direction

To create anything from deep within

Sometimes you need to fling the book aloft

Sometimes you just need to Lego


Islands of Hope Update – 25/08/2018

This week is a bit of a milestone, it marks a year since I started writing Islands of Hope. I have, amazingly, managed to keep up with my update schedule and placed up an update to the story every week. After one year the novel is now just shy of 37,000 words. I’m pretty impressed with that! Anyway, on to this week. After another late dash I have managed to complete Chapter 24 with another 700 odd words. The bad news (in the story that is) is that Johanna has not been chosen to become a slave so will stay locked away in Princips’ vaults until the next auction. Is this a good or bad thing? You will have to wait and see. For now you can read Chapter 24 on wattpad here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 18/08/2018

I have had so many ideas for the rest of Chapter 24, I know exactly what I want to write, the problems is, I don’t always have the time. Then when I sit down and write, more ideas flow through my head. I am really happy with this week’s Islands of Hope update but I still have not managed to complete Chapter 24, although this week is nine hundred more words. I think it is some of my best writing, even if it is rather gruesome. It also shows that, although Kira gets her fiery personality from her mother, Johanna can control her emotions. There is a spark of hope still, but will it go anywhere? We will see next week when, hopefully, I finish Chapter 24 with an auction. For now you can read Chapter 24 on wattpad here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 11/08/2018

It has been a good week for writing and therefore I have a medium-sized update. I planned to finish Chapter 24 but the next section of it was longer than I expected. It is quite an emotional bit with some background information weaved in, particular how people in cities view slum dwellers. Johanna has been captured but she has a little hope, she just needs to be sold into slavery or given a menial job in the city. But will she get either? Hopefully you will find out next week. For the moment you can head to wattpad and read Chapter 24 here, or alternatively start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 04/08/2018

I’ve been away this week which has meant we have the shortest update thus far, but it is an important one. This week’s update is the start of Chapter 24 in which we return to Johanna’s mission. She is in the back of the truck and heading towards the exit to Johnsonville, but will she get there? You will need to read the update to find out. It is live on wattpad now, you can read Chapter 24 here, or start from the beginning here. Well, like the update, that was short and sweet!

Early Islands of Hope Update – 27/07/2018

It is only one day early but it still is early. I am away visiting family this weekend so have decided to get the Islands of Hope update up today instead of Saturday. It is a short update of about 430 words, not because of a lack of time but because it is a short chapter. I have actually started the next chapter, but, as per my made up policy, I do not post over two chapters in one update. So this week’s update is the whole of Chapter 23, and some of the meddling that Kendra is doing to get her own way. Next week’s update should be back on a Saturday, for now you can read Chapter 23 here, or start from the beginning here.

Islands of Hope Update – 21/07/2018

My son has been in School for the last week of term, my wife has been meeting friends with my daughter, that meant free time for me, and free time means writing! I have therefore managed to complete Chapter 22, writing over a thousand words! Kira has been captured, they think she is a spy from Princips, which doesn’t make her too happy. It’s not looking good for her getting to her mother. Anyhow, the update is on wattpad as usual. You can read the whole of Chapter 22 here, or start from the beginning here.


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