Islands of Hope Update – 07/10/2017

Well I expected this week’s update to be only about 200 words as I got a little distracted with another story I am writing. Then one night I found myself alone, everyone else in bed, and I got that writing bug. I think I have now finished Chapter 5, the writing is at a logical end for this section but I am not sure if I will add more to it or just start Chapter 6 next week. Anyway, this week’s update is a nice bit of dialogue which goes towards world building, adding in plot and developing character. I hope it is as good as that makes it sound. As always the update is available on wattpad. You can read Chapter 5 here or start from the beginning here.


Islands of Hope Cover

Islands-of-Hope-CoverSo here it is at last and I really like it, I would go as far as saying it is the best cover I have every created. It gives a little away, as it shows one location that will appear in the book but hopefully that does not tell you too much of the story.

I am thankful for wikicommons that I could find royalty free images as I got exactly what I wanted. I was going for a sort of World War 2 identification card with a red fist to represent revolution. The fire is just a nice little touch that I think adds to the idea there will be action and also puts a bit of colour into the cover. I was worried about getting the writing and hand to look like a stamp but with a special eraser, filter and layer settings in Photoshop I am happy with the end result.

I really hope that now having a cover makes everyone more excited for the book. Remember you can read it here on wattpad. Also, feel free to leave me any comments about it. Well then, see you on Saturday for the next update.

Islands of Hope Update – 30/09/2017

And here we are again, another Saturday and another ‘Islands of Hope’ update. Despite my hectic life I am still managing to keep the updates going on the schedule I said I would keep. This week sees me part way through Chapter 5 and leaves with Kira waiting for the introduction of a new character. Who will it be? What will they be like? Like I said I am running this story a bit different, I am tackling it like a panster so even I am unsure who it will be. I have three possibilities for the character. You will need to wait till next week to see who they are. For now you can read Chapter 5 on wattpad by clicking here or start from the beginning here.

No feedback on the story so far but it you want to give me some you can do so on twitter, facebook, wattpad or this blog.

National Poetry Day 2017

It’s here and this time I saw it coming! I often miss National Poetry Day as I am working and focusing on other projects. This year I have planned a poetry competition at the school I teach in so I thought I better actually write a poem myself as well. This year’s theme is freedom. I found it hard to come up with an idea that did not sound a little generic or follow the obvious tropes of freedom such as flying high or having the shackles taken off. One day the idea of doing an acrostic poem popped into my head but, again, using the word freedom felt a little too obvious. I settled on the idea of doing a poem on how having a smart phone makes us feel free but we are really a slave to technology. I hope it is as clever as I planned. So here it is, a poem entitled ‘Freedom.’ Oh yeah, you can also read it in my poetry collection, ‘Bad Poetry You probably never want to read,’ as well.



Searching through all the information at my fingertips

Like a human encyclopedia, nothing a surprise any more

Apps to connect, apps to play, apps to teach, I can do it all

Virtual worlds becoming my school and my playground

Enlightened by knowledge, I stare at this device, consuming all its power

Islands of Hope Update – 23/09/2017

Every writer knows that some days you can’t get anything down and other days your work just flows. This also happens when constructing novels, different sections take different amounts of time. There are parts where you cannot think of a first line and others where whole chapters just flow out of your fingers. For me this week has, I am happy to say, been the latter. I have been writing ‘Islands of Hope’ section by section, concerned that I would soon run out of material. This week, however, my brain exploded with ideas like a new year’s fireworks display. I quickly got about a thousand words down and completed the whole of Chapter 4. Rather than rush off and write even more, I focused on editing it earlier in the week so I could write some other stuff. More importantly my poem for National Poetry Day is done, it is short and sweet but I have mulled over it in my head for hours. You will have to wait till the actual day to read it. Anyway, back to ‘Islands of Hope.’ You will be happy to know that something is now actually happening, there is a tiny bit of action and the story feels like it is moving in a good direction. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give me any feedback, both positive and/or negative.

As usual it has been uploaded to wattpad. You can read Chapter 4 here or start from the beginning here. Oh yeah, I even thought about a cover this week. But yeah, I didn’t do any more than that. A cover will come I promise.

Islands of Hope Update – 16/09/2017

Just a small update this week due to two reasons; firstly I have been really busy and secondly I wanted to finish on a section that makes people want more. I hope I have done that. I have therefore only finished off Chapter 3. This also gives me some time to work on my poem for National Poetry Day. I know that is a little way off but I am already getting ideas together.

Anyway, you can read Chapter 3 here or start from the beginning here. Let’s hope for a bigger update next week! Also feel free to let me know what you think of ‘Islands of Hope’ so far.

Islands of Hope Update – 09/09/2017

Saturday is here once more and that means an ‘Islands of Hope’ update. Bit more of a confusing one this week as I managed to finish Chapter 2 and start Chapter 3. I was going to hold back the start of Chapter 3 but felt that was not in the spirit of the project so it is all there for you. I also feel the story is starting to get moving so it might be a good time to get into it if you have not read it yet.

As usual it is on wattpad. You can read Chapter 2 here, Chapter 3 here or start from the beginning here. Also you can choose secret option D which is ignoring the story all together!