Islands of Hope Update – 30/03/2019

Not as big an update as I would have liked this week, it’s been my last week of term at school so very crazy. The good news is that I think I wrote my favourite line of the novel so far. This week we find out that the boat was from Princips, as if you didn’t know! The group that entered the island confront Du Puteron and this exchange happens…

“I suppose you know why we are here,” came a gruff male voice, denoting someone in their mid-forties.

“Is it for the ice cream?” Du Puteron did not try to hide the grin, “the ice cream is very good.”

Just shows Du Puteron’s comic side and it makes me smile, even if I did write it! You will have to wait till next week to find out what Princips have planned for him though. You can read those lines, along with a few others, in this week’s update by going here, or you can start from the beginning here.


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