Islands of Hope Update – 13/01/2018

Here we are again, back to normal with the latest ‘Islands of Hope’ update being on a Saturday. Managed to get around 700 words down this week as could write on my phone whilst I was away. Back to work meant I did not manage any more than that and only got part way through Chapter 13. This update is Martha and Ukrit’s meeting at Joshua’s, which if you did not guess already is a bar. I have some exciting plans for the two, well I have exciting plans for one of them, but which one? You’ll have to keep reading the updates. There has been another change to the book this week, original it was set in 2145 but I felt for the history of the world to be wiped by an evil corporation they would need more time so I gave them an extra hundred years, the book is now set in 2245. Right, let’s finish with the usual line, you can read Chapter 13 here or start from the beginning here.


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