Early Islands of Hope Update – 04/01/18

It’s my first post of 2018 and, surprise surprise, it is an ‘Islands of Hope’ update. The surprise is that it is a Thursday rather than Saturday update. Don’t worry I haven’t gone mad, I am just away this weekend so will not be able to update on Saturday. It’s the last trip to visit family before the end of the festivities. Back to work next week but I still intend to update weekly.

Right, on to this week’s update. It’s one I really enjoyed writing and flew out of my fingers. Two days shorter between updates but still managed nearly a thousand words. I completed the whole of Chapter 12, and it is a part of the story I did not envisage at the start. Working in pantster mode week by week can bring some great developments. In Chapter 12 we meet Kira’s Mum in search of information about her daughter’s whereabouts. She goes to a local gang for help, which it turns out she has history with. Writing someone like the gang leader, Solomon, is always a joy. Throw your morals out the window and remember this is not the real world and you can be as nasty as you want. He is the sort of character I would detest in real life but love in a book. All in all I am really happy with this update and it gives some good backstory to flesh out characters. As usual you can read it on wattpad, Chapter 12 is here or you can start from the beginning here.


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