Islands of Hope Cover

Islands-of-Hope-CoverSo here it is at last and I really like it, I would go as far as saying it is the best cover I have every created. It gives a little away, as it shows one location that will appear in the book but hopefully that does not tell you too much of the story.

I am thankful for wikicommons that I could find royalty free images as I got exactly what I wanted. I was going for a sort of World War 2 identification card with a red fist to represent revolution. The fire is just a nice little touch that I think adds to the idea there will be action and also puts a bit of colour into the cover. I was worried about getting the writing and hand to look like a stamp but with a special eraser, filter and layer settings in Photoshop I am happy with the end result.

I really hope that now having a cover makes everyone more excited for the book. Remember you can read it here on wattpad. Also, feel free to leave me any comments about it. Well then, see you on Saturday for the next update.


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