Islands of Hope Update – 23/09/2017

Every writer knows that some days you can’t get anything down and other days your work just flows. This also happens when constructing novels, different sections take different amounts of time. There are parts where you cannot think of a first line and others where whole chapters just flow out of your fingers. For me this week has, I am happy to say, been the latter. I have been writing ‘Islands of Hope’ section by section, concerned that I would soon run out of material. This week, however, my brain exploded with ideas like a new year’s fireworks display. I quickly got about a thousand words down and completed the whole of Chapter 4. Rather than rush off and write even more, I focused on editing it earlier in the week so I could write some other stuff. More importantly my poem for National Poetry Day is done, it is short and sweet but I have mulled over it in my head for hours. You will have to wait till the actual day to read it. Anyway, back to ‘Islands of Hope.’ You will be happy to know that something is now actually happening, there is a tiny bit of action and the story feels like it is moving in a good direction. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give me any feedback, both positive and/or negative.

As usual it has been uploaded to wattpad. You can read Chapter 4 here or start from the beginning here. Oh yeah, I even thought about a cover this week. But yeah, I didn’t do any more than that. A cover will come I promise.


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