Google Docs is saving my writng

In previous posts I have talked about using different apps for writing so I can write on my phone and tablet. All of these have involved uploading files to cloud storage then downloading them on a different device or copying the text and emailing it to myself. I got a little fed up of this, even though it only takes a few extra minutes. Now I have given myself over to Google Docs and use the app on my phone and tablet. I can still pick up a device and write on it without having to turn on my computer, however now I do not need to think about uploading as the content is saved automatically and can be access from any computer or device. I could even forget my phone and tablet and be at a friend’s house, ask to use their computer or device and log into Google and access my files. It is such a brilliant system, I have written so much more recently by just using Google Docs. Even better, with Drive you get Google Sheets as well so I can use a spreadsheet to keep a list of character/location descriptions or the order of events. I do not know why I did not think of this before. I have all the tools I would in any other word processor as well. It is amazing how much further I am through stories than I would be without using Google Docs. It is simple, it is free. More recently I have been writing in sections, rather than moving in a linear fashion I am choosing which part of the story I want to work on. By using the outline feature you can also set up titles for sections and quickly jump to them without having to scroll through all the text. So now I am not looking for any specific writing apps that require me to spend time uploading and sharing to get my work into the right format. Now I am using Google Docs. The only issue is that you need to be online to access files, however you can now work offline. I have not tried it yet but will do at some point. So, get yourself a Google account and download Google Docs on your tablet and phone. You can get a quick bit of writing done whilst waiting for someone to get ready, during the breaks of TV shows or even whilst you sit on the loo!


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