Writing – a quick update

It appears that setting no goals has somehow improved my ability to write, I have written more so far this year than I think I had at the same point in the previous two years. One reason for this is joining a book club (which I talked about in a previous post), another is the lack of pressure on myself and I feel a third is now having a tablet. Using the Writer app on android means I can quickly pick up my tablet and write a few lines in a spare five minutes, I don’t have to turn my laptop on and wait an age for it to boot up in which time I have lost motivation. In fact I am writing this on my tablet at the present moment. Another bonus of the app is that I can write on the go. My car broke last week and I wrote most of a short story on the train over two days of commuting, quite fantastic really.

Anyway, back to the point of the post, where I am at with writing. I am a little behind where I thought I would be with the moustache story but that is not to do with being unmotivated. Instead I have been working on a story for my school. The plan is for me to start the story then students will finish it off, all in the name of getting kids to write. Since starting my new job I have realised that the Librarian and myself both share a love of books and writing. We are working on a school based murder mystery as well as the story. Unfortunately, as these are for my school they will not be released to the general public although it is an exciting time for me.

Outside of school writing I will continue to work on the moustache story and then plan to start on my first young adult novel. Since I realised that The Last Human was not going to work I have a new, much more exciting idea and am starting to get a plan together. Basically, things are looking good. A time scale? I have decided not to commit to those anymore!


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