Super Lizard Returns – Edited at Last! (and on Smashwords)

Well it has not been the free, writing fueled summer I expected but at last I have managed to edit Super Lizard Returns and format it for Smashwords. You can get a free copy of the ebook here. There are a few changes from the Wattpad version, mainly typos but I have added in a few lines that add continuity to the stories and link them together more clearly. Basically it is just mentioned things that happened in previous stories in the book rather than pretending they did not occur. Finally I have changed a few jokes from the first story, Sequins and Spandex. A few hinted at being a little rude and given the target audience I felt that these were not in the spirit of Super Lizard. So there we have it, I promised an edited ebook version of Super Lizard Returns before the end of my school summer holidays and, for once, I have delivered. So enjoy and please leave a review even if it is not a good one, I like to know how people feel about my work. Oh, yeah, and it should be on ibooks, Sony and Barnes and Noble soon enough when those people at Smashwords have weaved their magic. Right I am off to stare into the sunlight and wonder where all the time has gone!


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