Super Lizard Returns for the last time on Wattpad

Well maybe not for the last time, but the last story of Super Lizard Returns is complete and is up on Wattpad. You can read it here. I am relieved that I can actually tell you of a success in my writing and that one of my plans for the year has come off. Well nearly. I still need to do a final edit on all four stories and place the finished ebook on Smashwords. I hope you enjoy Revenge of The White Steed as it moves into new territory by introducing the first super villain into the series. It also builds the relationship between Super Lizard and Tanooki and is actually my favourite story so far. I am happy with the other three but in this one I have tried to hammer out joke after joke which leads to what I think is a very punchy story. I had a large list of jokes before I started writing which I hope means it does not feel forced. I also feel that the story flows well and I could have added more description to it, that I have manager to cut some out makes the story move quickly and I think that is what makes it good for me. Right, I will stop waffling now. Hope you enjoy it.


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