Goodbye Bella, time for a rest Lola

There will be no new Bella and Lola stories, not only is Bella missing but they weren't really that good!

There will be no new Bella and Lola stories, not only is Bella missing but they weren’t really that good!

It is with some sadness that I am releasing the news that I will not be writing any more Bella and Lola short stories. Actually it is not with sadness, they weren’t very good. The sad part is that my wonderful cat Bella went missing over six months ago and has not been found. Lola, I am happy to say, is safe and well and continues to bring us presents both dead and alive! We are not sure what happen to Bella but we like to think that someone else was feeding her and she went to live with a loving family elsewhere. That may be a pipe dream but it makes us feel better. As for the ebooks, Bella and Lola was supposed to be a set of four short stories for young children (I had planned the other two). I was happy with them and liked the fact I could take pictures of my beautiful kitties and place them in the books. Since having a son and seeing the sorts of books he reads I am starting to realise that they are a little confused. The two short stories are a little long for the target age range but too basic to appeal to older children, plus the content may be uninteresting to many. I know my son won’t sit still for me to read one! With a heavy workload and other projects I am more passionate about it seems silly to pretend I will write any more. I was considering a final swan song but really I don’t feel the need. I think my writing has matured and these short stories are a snapshot of what I was doing when I started my writing journey. That is not to say I am not proud of them or that I will take them off the Kindle store. In fact they will probably stay up for a while whilst I build up a bigger body of work. So if you do want to purchase either short story (they are only 99p each you know) then you can here: Bella and Lola: Up the Wrong Tree Bella and Lola: A Sting in the Tail To be honest I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to! I may even combine them and place them on Smashwords for free if I find the time. So there we are, another IP, as it were, ending. It appears like it is a lot of endings for me at the moment and little new beginnings where writing is concerned, but don’t worry, the new Super Lizard short is coming on well and may be with you as early as the end of June. So all that is left to say is, sleep well my sweet Bella, I miss you. And to Lola, I’ll see you for cuddles later tonight but please don’t bring any mice with you, or birds for that matter!


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