Summer means actually writing

Well that first half of the year has flown by! Good in terms of work but not in terms of writing. Excellent A-level results and a new job put my career in an exciting place but the effort that went in to this meant that I have had to drop other aspects of my life, most notably writing. But with summer comes some down time from my career and I can once again pick up writing where I left off months ago. I had two plans for 2015, finish Super Lizard Returns and write a young adult novel. Neither have happened so far. Super Lizard had been placed on hold whilst I got up to scratch with the young adult novel but I found it increasingly hard to juggle work, family and writing. I managed a measly 200 words by mid March and I thought this was all down to my lack of time but the more I thought about it the more the ideas for the novel were not really fleshed out enough and as such when I started writing the story felt weak. For this reason I have cancelled the young adult novel. So once again I am in a situation where plans have failed. I am happy to say, though, that I have new plans, ones which may well come to fruition as I can now spend some time writing. Firstly I will finish Super Lizard Returns, in fact I have managed to start the last short story. So it will be finish by the end of summer then I will get it on Wattpad, edit all stories and place the ebook on Smashwords. As well as this I have started a new project, yes another one! I wrote a book entitled Captain Caleb and the Tickle Monster for my nephew a few years ago, well I am now writing another picture book, one for my son. Well I say writing, I have written it and am now creating the images (which could take some time!). I never liked the ebook format of Captain Caleb so I have opted to use Create Space to make a print version of my new book. The independently funded three copy print run for my family of Captain Caleb was so much better than the hashed together ebook. This book will be out by Christmas I hope. I also intend to reformat Captain Caleb and release that through Create Space so there is a proper print version which is how I always intended it to look. My final writing plan is to not start anything new but get some older stuff finished, I have three stories (two novels and a short story) that I want to finish before I start anything else. These are for adults and as such will not be released under my name but my adult writing pseudonym.

So there were are, a quick update of where I am at. I hope to have some new stuff out soon and will plow through as much as I can over summer so that when work heats up again in September and I go AWOL from writing I will at least have left you with something to remember me by!


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