Remember Me

The lack of posts recently are due to a hectic time at work, but it is National Poetry Day and as a writer I feel I should make a contribution. This year the theme is remembrance so here is my poem, entitled Remember Me…


When you watch your TV

Remember me

When you play with your phone

Remember me

When you beat your high score

Remember me

When you walk in the park

Remember me

When you hear that song

Remember me

When you hold your loved ones

Remember me


The homeless

The nameless

The long since dead


For without me

Your world would be

So much different

The things you have

Would never be yours

The things you say

Would sound so strange

The things you do

Would be unrecognisable


And for this sacrifice

I ask but one thing

Remember me


Thank you, I shall now disappear into the aether once more until I find more time to write.


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