World Cup Dreams (Days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32)

The World Cup is over and so too is World Cup Dreams, for the moment that is (I will explain later in this post). Whilst I now have three full weeks to survive without football to keep me going I am proud of my achievements. I set out to write a short story every day of the World Cup and that happen, there was a slight slip when I did not post one till after midnight but all in all I achieved my goal. As with previous posts, here is what has been going on…


Day 22 – A humorous poem about a young man that has married a die-hard Italian supporter

Day 23 – A look at flight technologists, those people that design the ball for the World Cup

Day 24 – A short from a player’s point of view, he gets an injury and cannot compete in the rest of the competition

Day 25 – A poem about the great football players

Day 26 – A look at how football functions in a similar way to religion

Day 27 – Someone is infuriated by the pundits on TV, he is sure they are watching a different game to him

Day 28 – A manager responds to questions using a lot of clichés

Day 29 – A fan is sitting at the top of the stadium and can barely see the action below

Day 30 – A frustrated player feels like his team have been robbed when they lose narrowly after extra time

Day 31 – Is the 3rd/4th place playoff pointless? The person narrating this short thinks so

Day 32 – It is electric tension as players and fans prepare for the World Cup final


I was not all that happy that Germany won the World Cup but fair play to them and at least it is what Klose deserved for being such a great player for so many years. As for World Cup Dreams, that will be staying on Wattpad for as long as I can foresee. You can read it here. As I eluded to earlier in this post, it is not actually the end for World Cup Dreams. As with all the work I finish, I am making it available as an ebook. Because I posted it on Wattpad for free it will go live as a free ebook via Smashwords. This will, hopefully, mean it will be on most major ebook platforms in a few weeks time. Before it can go up I need another proofread and to format it correctly as well as adding scores from the games to give the whole picture of when it was written. I hope to have this done by the end of the coming weekend.

But wait, there is more. I have been looking at using Create Space for some time and have decided to trial it with World Cup Dreams. Obviously as it is a print medium (as well as an Amazon Company!) you cannot put books on their that people can get for free. To alleviate this problem I have, what I hope will be, a fitting solution. I have six titles left, six shorts I did not write as I ran out of days. This print book will therefore have a new section entitled Extra Time where these stories will go. So you may have to pay but you will get six exclusive shorts that do not appear on Wattpad and will not be in the free ebook.

Keep checking this blog for details of the ebook and print book releases. Finally I would like to say thank you to all those that read World Cup Dreams as it was going up, I hope you enjoyed it because I loved writing it, particularly stories that were not from my point of view.


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