World Cup Dreams (Days 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21)

It has been longer than I wanted since I have posted about how World Cup Dreams is going but I have been busy so get off my case! It has been exam and coursework season at work but I have managed to sneak in thirty minutes a day (usually just before the late game) to get a short written so the challenge is still on. To keep you up to date, the stories since the last post are as follows…


Day 12 – A manager needs to make a change to stop his team going out of the World Cup but doesn’t know what to do

Day 13 – A short from the point of view of a referee

Day 14 – An explanation of a fantastic goal scored through teamwork

Day 15 – A nervous fan keeps flicking between two games as he needs the results to go his way for his team to get through

Day 16 – A look at the frustration of having rest days during the World Cup

Day 17 – A player will send his team through if he scores a penalty

Day 18 – A poem about different features of the world cup that come in different colours i.e. shirts, flags and boots

Day 19 – From the point of view of a boyfriend and girlfriend on the boyfriend checking his phone to find out football scores whilst out shopping

Day 20 – A match report about the Germany vs Algeria second round match of the 2014 World Cup

Day 21 – A goalkeeper talks about making an error that could cause his team to lose a game


So there we go, World Cup Dreams is still going strong. I have also got ideas for enough stories till the end of the World Cup (plus a few more!). You can read World Cup Dreams here, and keep checking back each day of the World Cup for a new short story or poem.


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