The cover for the novel I am attempting to write for NaNoWriMo

The cover for the novel I am attempting to write for NaNoWriMo

If you read this blog regularly you will know that I am a budding amateur author and have had a severe lack of time to write due to general life. I keep on banging on about stuff I have achieved away from writing and how I should now have more time to write. Well now I am noticing a little more free time I thought, in my own inimitable style, I would fill it up again. But this time with writing. I have had many ideas for novels and with The National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) coming up I thought this would be the perfect time to pen one. Thus I have signed up and hope to hammer out at least 50,000 words by 31st November. The novel I have decided to go for is titled ‘The Journey Home’ and is about a set of soldiers whose army have lost a battle, they have survived but are stuck in enemy territory. The novel will follow them on their journey to get back home, hence the title!

However, to make the month a little bit stranger, it is Movember. I have always wanted to take part. I will be honest, it is not from a sense of charity, although that does help. The choice comes from the fact that growing a moustache is cool. I have grown one twice before and both times my then girlfriends were far from happy. My now wife is adamant she does not want me to have a moustache. I have always pandered to her views but now we are married with a child there is no way she will leave me, is there? Basically this is how I am looking at it, so there we go, I am doing Movemeber too. What is the most awesome part of it is that you can put both initiatives together to get what I call NaNoWriMovember. See what I did there? I am far too funny.

Any how if you want to follow my challenges next month you can by…

Viewing my NaNoWriMo profile

Donating to my Movember page

Following me on twitter

Liking my Facebook page


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