Finally the Super Lizard has returned (again!)

My attempt at drawing Super Lizard and Tanooki

My attempt at drawing Super Lizard and Tanooki

MA finished, summer holidays and child born means I have a little bit of free time and that means writing! I have so many ideas for new books but felt it silly to start on them when I had old projects going. Probably the quickest to finish is Super Lizard Returns so I thought I would tackle that for a bit. Managed to put the structure down for the remaining three short stories and finish writing one. I have once again placed it on wattpad. The plan is to let people have a look and comment before I do a final edit and place the collection on Smashwords. This post is therefore basically saying that the second of the four stories is now available on wattpad and entitled ‘A Rough in the Diamond‘. I hope you enjoy it and I would love some critical feedback, I am not sure it is as good as Super Lizard Begins but I much prefer it to ‘Sequins and Spandex‘ as there are more comedy (in particular slapstick) moments. Like the previous story it is building up to what I hope are the best two short stories in the series so far. All that remains is to ask you to click here and take a look.


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