Free ebooks because I am a daddy!


There are some amazing milestones in life, things that make you grow up and look back on what you have achieved. I got anxiety disorder and overcoming the features to move from my island home of Guernsey to England to complete a degree in teaching was one. Moving permanently with my then girlfriend was another, her becoming my fiance then my wife has made me realise how lucky I am. Now the most amazing thing has happened, my first child has been born (my wife thinks that will be it after experiencing labour but I am hoping for more). To celebrate the birth of my son I thought I would make Bella and Lola available for free download once again as Up the Wrong Tree was written for him. As I am a generally nice chap, A Sting in the Tail will also be free. So whilst I get sleepless nights you can have a ‘great’ read, well if you are around 5-8 years old that is. Anyway, you can get them from here for free on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th August…

Up the Wrong Tree

Amazon UK

Amazon US

A Sting in the Tail

Amazon UK

Amazon US

I hope that if you download them you enjoy them. One final plea, if you do read them can you write a review or at least give a star rating no matter how good or bad it is. Right I am off to change dirty nappies, get sicked on and have no sleep whatsoever. I do get cuddles so it is all good!


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