Bella and Lola are back!

They're back in a new adventure

They’re back in a new adventure

It is strange how what you plan to do never really happens and where you did not see yourself going takes you into new places. After wanting to get some work quickly onto Kindle and creating Bella and Lola: Up the Wrong Tree when I was inspired by real life events, I have thought of other stories I could place Bella and Lola in. Through work being immensely hard and having to complete my Masters Degree I have had little time to write. Sometimes though you just need to get your head down and do something. This is the time I usually turn to Super Lizard, but despite having the buzz to write I wanted to get something else on Kindle and build my fan base a bit. So despite Up the Wrong Tree being a bit of a flop in terms of sales, I spend an afternoon writing A Sting in the Tail, a story inspired by laughing at my kittens trying to catch flies and the silly noises they make whilst doing it. I find writing for children pretty easy, what is hard, however, is taking images to place in the book, creating the covers, formatting for Kindle and editing the book. So yes I did have the book written months ago, but despite all my promises (if you follow me on twitter you will know what I mean!) it has taken me a long time to get the book ready for publishing. I am happy to say that it is online now, I am less happy to say that some of the fictional events in the book came true after it was written!

You can get the Bella and Lola sequel for Kindle in the UK for a measly 77p here or grab it for Kindle in the US for an astonishing low 99c here.

And for those of you who are looking for a little bit more adult fiction, I am happy to say that my Masters dissertation should be finished in a week or so and I am on summer holidays so may get some other writing done. Oh yeah, my first child was due yesterday but is now overdue so it might not all be plain sailing!


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