Reviews please!

You know that annoying Kia advert, the one that bangs on about reviews and recommendations being the most important thing, well there is a lot of truth in that. Glossy and over budget promotions may look beautiful but people tend to buy things if other people think they are good. Just like Kia, good reviews help shift books and in the literary world it is what us self-publishers, part-times and what some might call amateurs (I know I am!) rely on. I have not shifted many of my paid for books but my two free short stories are now hitting a combined total of nearly 200 downloads. Whilst this is a pitiful amount in the grand scheme of things it does show that I have reached a small audience. Despite this many downloads I only have one review, giving me a satisfactory 3 out of 5. To shift more and, more importantly, improve my writing, I need honest feedback. So this is a bit of a plea, an on my knees plead if you will. If you have read any of my work could you please review it? If you think it is brill give me 5 stars and tell my why you love it, if you think it is utter rubbish give me 1 star and tell me how it could be improved. Below are the links to my stories along with the prices (incase you want to download one you haven’t got already). I thank you in advance.

Super Lizard Begins – FREE

Lasia’s Fate – FREE

Bella and Lola: Up the Wrong Tree – 77p

Captain Caleb and the Tickle Monster – £1.98


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