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Could you have a late night Dr. Who?

I was having a brief facebook conversation with my friend, journalist and highly talented musician Tom Girard (you can find lots of his music and film reviews on his blog) about Dr. Who. In particular the episode Cold War. Whilst we both loved it, I yearned for a bit more combat and maybe some views of gore rather than what was hinted at. When stating this to Tom, he said that it would not be Dr. Who with this more mature content. That got me to thinking, could they do two versions much like they do with extended editions of some comedy panel shows? In this case there would be a short version for kids and a late night version, that was extended with extra scenes, for adults? And if so, would there be a market for this? Ok, I don’t think it would happen for budgetary reasons, but it makes an interesting argument. Would Dr. Who lose it’s appeal if it was more adult orientated? For me it is on the cusp of being an adult program anyway, they often take very dark stories and weave these to a positive ending with almost no bloodshed. But if they added more gore, would that mean sex and drugs would need to be added to make it truly post watershed? For me that would definitely destroy the show. Although that said, if I was single and had Clara as my assistant I might see if she wanted to be more than friends! I suppose if you look at some of the more adult sci-fi movies and shows they become more a version of soft core porn than true science fiction and that is definitely not what we want. Also those other shows that do late night versions, such as Hollyoaks and Neighbours, seem to churn out horrendous rubbish and strange scenes just to push the boundaries (well I think Hollyoaks is horrendous all the time!). Would we want our beloved Doctor to be put into that situation? Not me. Maybe I am talking myself out of the idea. It couldn’t hurt to try one episode though, and then seek the public’s views. I suppose though, that many families sit down to watch it together. May I should just stop thinking about this, maybe it is a strange idea that would rip apart the foundation Dr. Who is built on. I just think that some episodes could be so much more with only a tiny bit of post watershed content. All in all I love Dr. Who and avidly watch it every week so I can’t complain too much!