Endless self promotion

Whilst I only consider my writing as a bit of a hobby that I would like to make some money off of, I am noticing that the only way to get anywhere is with endless self promotion. I do not want to appear pushy but it seems you have to shove your work under everyone’s noses, whether they want it there or not. It is a constant; look at me, I will read your stuff in the vain hope you will read mine and have I told you I have written a book (what only about a thousand times)? In an area that is so crowded, it feels like I am the proverbial plate spinner and have to keep running back to each plate to give it a quick spin, not being able to stop to reflect on where I am. The interconnection of different sources and being able to post in one place and it then appearing on multiple platforms does help but it also feels like a hard slog of repeating information. On the back of all this I have decided to create a new platform in which to promote myself, well actually it is the obvious one. Basically to add to Twitter, Shelfari, Wattpad, Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing and this here blog I have created my own facebook page. This can be found here. If you want to like it then please do, although I should say I wont be offended if you don’t. It may be a case of seeing my post in multiple places as when I tweet it appears on facebook and when I update my status on Wattpad it tweets then appears on facebook and when I review on Shelfari it….oh you get the picture. Right, I am now off to think about where to promote next; Independent Author Network, Whizbuzz, Author Marketing Club? I think I’m going to have to make a list of websites, usernames and passwords before I go a bit made and start shouting at crocodiles! What? There are no crocodiles in England? It’s started already!


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