No time like the future

To all my fans, yes I am talking to both of you (ok so one of them is me, but does that not count?). I just wanted to post a quick message about writing, or rather lack of it. I am really wanting to get some more words down but after writing Lasia’s Fate and publishing Captain Caleb I am having to turn my attention to that horrid place where no writer really wants to be…..The Real World. You see, whilst I aspire to be a popular author, like all artists I need to make a living. As a teacher that means that some periods are more stressful than others. In the UK it is exam and coursework season which means that I have to spend extra hours getting young minds to get that bloody coursework done on time….sorry I mean shaping their futures and moulding their minds! As it is coursework time it also appears that I have to hand in my Master’s dissertation as well. On top of this my first child is due late July and my wife has the annoying habit of making me sort the nursery or go baby shopping at least one day each weekend. Ok, so I actually love that, I really can’t wait to be a daddy. All in all this means I have little time at the moment so you will have to content yourself with what works I have online at the moment. In a more positive tone, I have ideas for another three books. As per usual these cover different age ranges and different genres. I am not one of these people who likes sticking to one area, I feel it is like say ‘I am watching TV tonight but will only watch programs that contain spaceships or swords or gruesome murders.’ We don’t just like one thing so I write about lots of different areas. Maybe it is because I can’t focus on one thing, maybe it is because I do not want to limit myself or, much more likely, I am a jack of all trades and master of none. Anyhow, enough of that, just want to apologise for the lack of work that will be coming your way for next couple of months.


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